Make a bottled batch of cocktails for your next holiday party and avoid mixing drinks all night long.
On August 20th, a pedestrian named Sian Green -- a British tourist -- lost her leg at 49th Street and 6th Avenue in midtown Manhattan as a result of an incident involving a taxi and a cyclist. The event spurred on already ongoing debates about the place of bikes and cyclists in a city where bike use has been on the rise in recent years. Right Of Way, a bike advocacy group organized a DIY extension of the bike lane on 6th avenue past its current boundary, near where the August accident occurred. BTR Pulse’s Lauren Hawker spoke with Right Of Way's Keegan Stephan, as well as Liz Patek, a local bike blogger.
Haaaaaay! Guess what??!! Sew & Tell has its first nail artist on the show today, and she's suuuuper awesome. Ashley Crowe is a Chicago-based freelance nail artist who started a blog called Astrowifey to document her passion for nail art, as she herself learned and experimented in the early days of nail art popularity. Little did she know that her blogging and hobby would soon transition to an incredibly successful career and cult following, but lucky for us, it did! Winner of this year's Refinery29 Nail Art Nation contest, Ashley's bold, expressive work is inspired by pop and contemporary art, rock music, and fashion. On today's show, you'll hear from Ashley about how her passion for nail art became a career, her role in the development of Tipsy Zine, the first U.S.-based lifestyle nail art publication, a few of her nail art role models, and insider tips on some must-have polishes, upcoming trends, and DIY upkeep for healthy nails. All that, plus a playlist mixed with post-punk and atmospherically autumnal music, including tracks from Franz Ferdinand, Man Man, Aisha Burns, Hookworms, and more. So tune in and prepare to nail fall fashion with BTR and Astrowifey!
Today we review the debut album by Counter Intuits, a collaborative project from two great Ohio musicians, Ron House (Great Plains, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Psandwich) and Jared Phillips (Times New Viking.) Either called Sheets of Hits or self-titled, the record was released in January and offers skilled diy lo-fi production and an array of interesting sounds and sentiments.
The experimental punk queen who adds a bit of her travels into her songs.
How artists like Gotye went from "Somebody That I Used To Know" to somebody everyone knows.
It's Craft Week here on BTR, and craft + fashion can only mean one thing: DIY project time! I'm joined this week by Jenni Radosevich, editorial staff member at InStyle, and creative mastermind behind the popular fashion project blog I Spy DIY. From make-it-yourself crystal necklaces to the latest nail art trends, sprucing up a pair of shoes, or adding a unique look to that Ikea lamp, Jenni's tutorials have you covered. Plus, she's got a ton of great inspiration posts that keep you up-to-date on all the latest styles! On today's show, Jenni will talk about the start of I Spy DIY, how *not* learning to sew made her who she is today, a few of her favorite style icons, and her top shops for craft supplies. All that, plus a set of brand new music from artists Mikal Cronin, Wampires, and Bibio, along with a set dedicated to the stylistically diverse roster of Toronto's record label Arts & Crafts. Grab that glue gun, and get ready to bedazzle here on BTR with Sew & Tell!
Fine and Feathered shows a diy, easy, and quick way to make your scarf a little more fun.