Discovery Artist
On bustin’ out of rural America into the roaring West of Americana.
This week is the Western Americana rompers The Patti Fiasco, featuring an interview with songwriter Alysia Kraft
How one of Mexico’s greatest rock bands rose from the ashes.
This week we feature Porter, one of the greatest Mexican-rock bands, and speak with Victor Valverde
On recording Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ultraviolence’ and world travels.
We interview Floating Action's Seth Kauffman about working with Lana Del Rey and being "the most underrated person in music"
Some words on staying mysterious and driving across the UK with Fatboy Slim.
Hello and welcome to Discovery Corner on BTR! This week on the show I'm featuring the LA-trio Tashaki Miyaki, a dreamy psychedelic lo-fi experience brought to you by Lucy (drums), Rocky (guitar), and Dora (bass).
A word about waiting for inspiration, going electric, and humans as bonsai trees.
This week we interview Simone Stevens from Bonsai about personal songwriting, inspiration, and going electric
Post-dance and the transcendence of language barriers.
An interview with Corey Mastrangelo, guitar player in the post-dance-rock group Vasudeva
Bringing the country to the streets of Los Angeles and beyond.
We talk with LA country music artist Chase Byrne about God's relationship advice, the importance of laughter, and sorority parties
How a rotating cast of drop-ins at a San Francisco club became the afrobeat talk of the town.
The Brooklyn-based "dreamo" band is looking inward for inspiration.
The Israeli New Yorker with his own take on faith and music.
The Denver, Colo.-based funk band is making sure we get our 1970s history lesson.
The Philly-based band on making rock n' roll accessible at any age.
The Brampton, Ontario-based Punjabi singer who is fusing classical style with a Canadian twist.
The San Francisco, Calif-based "punkadelic moongayz" band who beckons you to choose your own adventure.
The San Francisco, California-based musician with his own way around weird.
The Hollis, Queens-based MC who is dropping hip hop knowledge dressed as the kids.
The Norwich, UK-based surf-pop band on donning animal masks to entertain.
The New York-based Dominican-born singer with a travel plan for crossing over.
The Norwich, UK-based band who likes to upload their colors onto YouTube.
The Calgary, AB-based indie band who changes more often than a chameleon.
The Halifax-based frontman who is unafraid to bring kooky into his world.
The New York, NY-based Craigslist metal-ish band who finds their aggression from within.
The Brooklyn-based punk-ish band who is breaking away from what they know to be the safe and easy route.
The St. Lucia-based producer/songwriter is making music that can suit everyone.
The Brooklyn-based solo musician and author who's finally taking music off the back burner.
The Swedish indie-pop band bringing their sound to TV or Japan.
The San Francisco/Austin-based band trying to get you high without getting high.
The Brooklyn-via-Australia blues punk talks cross-continental lovers and her laissez-faire approach to backing bands.
The Norwich, UK-based bluegrass band intent on staying out of step with the world.
The New Paltz, NY-based shoegaze/grunge band who is okay with missing South By.
The Brooklyn-based musician exploring all sides of the gender spectrum with a soundtrack set to blues.
The Goiania, Brazil-based psych-rock bad who is leaving home for the first time but still keeping their day jobs.
The Dundas, Ontario-based punk-ish band with advice on how to safely cross the Canadian border.
The Hamburg-based electro-funk artist who took his James Brown impersonation to a new level.
The Lafayette, LA-based gypsy-punk band who will cook you dinner for a spot on the couch.
The NYC-based boogaloo band who is leading the booty-shakin’ revival movement.
Forget the Commitments. The leader of this Dublin-based afrobeat band talks Fela and globalization.
The Ann Arbor, Mich.-based "Country and Eastern" band who see what’s out there and choose their own path.
The Woodstock, NY-based piano rocker who is splitting his time between the road and the playground.
The mysterious London, UK-based retro-soul group who is embracing its end before it's even begun.
The Oxnard, Calif.-based DJ who is splicing up samples of his past into his present.
The New York-based sad pop group that is the result of what happens when you start a band with your heroes.
The Long Beach, NY-basd solo project holding a mirror up to ourselves in the eyes of a bear.
The Los Angeles, Calif.-based dance pop singer encouraging you to dance like everybody’s watching.
The Westchester, NY based instrumental pop group that keeps it all in the family.
The Michigan-based jazz trombonist who took a few detours to find where he’s coming from.
The New York City-based powerpop band whose love you just can’t stop.
The indie pop starlet on the theraputic effects of having an alter ego aside from your day job.
The Yonkers, NY-based band that’s navigating their way through pre-adulthood.
The fit and fun ways of Cherie Lily, New York’s premiere houserobics instructor.
The Norwich, UK-based folk group who threw it all away to start again.