Discovery Artist
A recap of the year in discovering the talent of tomorrow, one week at a time.
The Sacramento, CA ­based Afro­Latin Dub duo that’s putting in time for the community.
The Austin, TX-based instrumental band that’s rethinking the process on each record.
The Brooklyn-based indie pop group that makes you see double.
The Southern VT-based thrashgrass band that’s also farmers market friendly.
The Hudson Valley reggae band fusing island influences with a familiar feel.
The New York-based jazz pianist who is on a neverending quest to search for the swing.
The Marquette, Mich.-based band that celebrates Christmas in June.
The Brooklyn-based electro-pop group that offers a moment in time captured in a visual.
The Greek-born accordionist color-coding her album for you.
The one time Bostoner and street performer is carving out her future legacy in real time.
The Miami-based experimental soundsmith who stays up to put them out.
The Brooklyn country band that only gets better with age.
The Brooklyn-based dance punk band that invites you to join their break-up party.
The once Long Island-based, now Brooklyn-based rapper with the old soul of a record store employee.
The White Plains, NY powerpop band who’s doing what they can to bring the scene back.
The ever-prolific Chicagoan being himself in the only way he knows how.
The Seattle-based girl group set out to expose the dark side of surf rock.
The Kingston, Jamaica-based dancehall singjay sends his songs out to the ladies.
The English chill-fi project lurking in the depths of Soundcloud.
The South London folk quartet who can explain what they’re about in four tracks.
The Westchester folk n’ roll ensemble that invites you to join their family.
The LA pop-rocker with some words of wisdom for the industry.
The once famous Mexican electronica duo starting from scratch in New York.
The ethos of Kalakuta Millionaires is very un-millionaire... and pretty darn awesome.
NYC by way of Chile this jazz artist is one to watch.
The experimental punk queen who adds a bit of her travels into her songs.
The Brooklyn by-way-of Athens, GA trio that transforms dreams into records.
The French afrobeat group that’s following in the footsteps of Fela on their home turf.
The electronic-duo that’s making musical use of the daily commute.
The Chicago-based band that’s rewriting the non-rules of punk in their own narrative.
The Bronx-based reggae group that’s adding more things to the traditions of the genre than you might think.
The cool high school teacher everyone remembers, this time making some cool grooves and sweet soul up North.
Staying positive with the sunny side of the up-and-coming Americana songwriter.
She's a fitness guru and the foremost "houserobics" musician, a genre she coined herself.
Providence RI's Rice Cakes return with their charismatic blend of prog and twee on a new 7".
They've been together a mere seven months and they're already creating a buzz.
They only have three members but the sheer volume and intensity this group evokes is mind-blowing.
He forgot to eat and sleep at times while making his latest album and we appreciate the dedication.
Miami DJ Jubilee is taking the world of Electronic Dance Music by storm.
Young, British and making way cooler music than One Direction. Get to know Port Isla.
This talented artist made the trek from his home in Switzerland to The States and is making a name for himself in the jazz community.
Get to know this Brasil, by-way-of Bloomington, Indiana garage revivalist outfit!
MMOSS isn't afraid to freak out, get loud, and let their rhythms bounce like tennis balls on steel sheets.
CRMNL HYGNE or Criminal Hygiene, take your pick. This punk band has caught BTR's eye with more than their name.
The Souljazz Orchestra is doing Canada proud with their unique multicultural blend of afro-jazz sounds.
New Hampshire and reggae might not be synonymous but RoC is bridging the gap.
Have you heard the one with the Australian singer-songwriter who decides to give up everything he owns in Sydney to play music in the USA?
Transcend the winter blues with music from Boston, MA's In Like Lions who capture the essence of the summer barbeque.