Discovery Artist
As an avant garde artistic statement, denitia & sene are a testament to the current musical landscape in Brooklyn.
The Luyas make music with experimentation and a little bit of magic.
Friends from Kentucky who have successfully turned their social chemistry and mutual artistic interests into an off-kilter garage rock band.
Led by 18-year-old emcee Patrick "Wiki" Morales, Ratking is proof that hip hop runs deep into the veins of New York City.
Blonds’ music is so good that, according to the band, it will “swallow your soul.”
After the Rodeo may be the best delicacy out of Vermont since Ben & Jerry’s.
Through music, positivity, activism and good energy, Staff Benda Bilili stands for something far greater than a band, but a tide in the current of global change.
It's Grace Kelly! It's Audrey Hepburn! No, it's... you! On today's show, I talk with Leslie Tessler, the design talent and passion behind a beautiful new line of elegant capes. Inspired by her grandmother's collection of vintage capes, Leslie set out to modernize the dramatic elegance of yesterday for today's woman. Her pieces are bold, classic, and so chic they make a solid case for the indispensability of a cape in every woman's wardrobe. On the show, we'll hear from Leslie about how her love affair with the cape began, when she decided to start her line, some of the beautiful materials she uses, styling tips, and future plans for the line. Plus, music from the BTR Discovery Artist Dan Mangan, along with The War on Drugs, Mumford & Sons, San Francisco newcomers the Evil Eyes, and more. So tune in for your weekly fashion tune-up with Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!
After rising from grimy dive bars to international tours, Mangan has learned a thing or two about the ways of the world.
What began as a love for all-things Chris Rock has evolved into a creative career move for this NYC based comic.
The music of Miro Belle invites listeners into a dreamland of instrumental wonder.
This London-based indie rocker left medical school to pursue his utmost passion in the arts.
Remixing music, genre, and identity, electronic music producer Yarlen can enter a room and immediately get attention.
Ten years down the road less traveled, The Brew has evolved from a quartet of dedicated rookies to a notable starting line-up.
New tunes and new artists this week, including Brotherhood of Groove, The Breakfast and Rose Hill Drive. Also, touring news from Roots of Creation and The Brew, BTR’s Discovery Artist this week.
Three Trapped Tigers make instrumental rock cool, beautiful and jam-worthy.
Leftside is one of the preeminent artists setting the pace in the Jamaican music scene with his fresh island drawl and multicultural dynamic.
Thought-provoking, determined and fashionably astute, meet this Seattle-based collective of jazz musicians.
Adrian Fischer of FlyingFisch challenges the ignorance and hatred he finds around him with a message of inspiration.
They describe themselves as a group bound by sex and synths – a band making sex pop music for the masses.
A six piece group of low-key, highly talented musicians out of Raleigh, North Carolina.
Today on the show we have ALL new songs! That definitely hasn't happened for awhile! There's so much great new music out, we had to make sure to squeeze it all on today. And don't forget to check out BTR on Facebook and Twitter, and also check out our Discovery Artist, Sleepy Wonder!
Sleepy Wonder’s no new kid on the block, yet his latest artistic endeavor casts an original spotlight onto his career and his music.
A comedian who rides the highs and lows with the guard of wit.
TGIF! And we all know what that means... Thank God for Indie Fashion! Today's show features a guest who provides an incredible service to socially & environmentally conscious fashionistas: Kate McGregor, owner and operator of the New York City eco-boutique, Kaight. In her store, Kate has made the work easy for us by offering a personally assembled collection of responsible labels, and sustainability-focused designers. Not only can New York residents take advantage of this gem, but Kaight has a webshop, too, making it ridiculously easy to be responsibly stylish. On today's show, Kate will talk about the concerns that led her to open Kaight, the criteria she uses to choose designers and labels, some of the changes she's seen in sustainable design since opening her doors, and one of the biggest challenges she's faced as a small business owner. All that, plus a playlist absolutely chock-full of great new music and releases, including tracks from ASPE, Dirty Projectors, Hot Panda, and BTR's Discovery Artist of the Week, Cardigan Strike Attack. Indie rock + sustainable summer dresses. Could you have a better Friday? #Probablynot
Ohio-based collective of indie rockers has known each other since grade school, but came together just six months ago to start a band because they thought, well, why not?
Over the past few years, Zorch has independently-released two EPs and made a name for themselves playing at festivals like SXSW, where everyone from Esquire to NPR was singing their praises.
A jet-setting DJ with expertise in the most magnetic shades of house music, Italian artist Stefano Noferini knows the international club circuit well.
Slam poet extraordinaire, expect to be bedazzled by a girl on the brink of glory.
Jeffrey Iqbal has learned to keep his Indian roots inherently ground into his homeland American soil.
She may be a Joni Mitchell in the making, but LA-based singer-songwriter Kyla Graves didn’t always make her money through the explorative anecdotes of her guitar playing.
Rapper Loedis may be the next (or only) great thing coming out of the Poconos right now, at least in the form of beats and rhymes.
Romanian world artist Anda Adam brings new life to the realm of dance and pop music, adding international flair to pulsing syncopation's.
A quintet of bluegrass and Americana players, they began performing merely as means of helping the community.
The music falls somewhere in the oblivion of rock, pop and spiritual enlightenment through musical tripping.
A leading example of how strength and expansive foresight inspire the independent spirit. Get to know quasi-folk artist Diane Cluck.
Get to know David Cope, a rising stand-up comic out of New York who is in the process of moving to LA for a dream and a girl.
Though he’s a teenager wrapping up his senior year in high school, he’s already sparking the attention of DJs, fellow artists, and music lovers alike.
The dream pop duo from Canada makes their debut this week with the album, The Slideshow Effect, released by Sub Pop Records.
Call it other-worldly, tripnotic, or fantastical, Subjex makes beats meant to give rhythm to secret visions in your mind.
A favorite on BTR's Glitch IDM show, get to know the electronic phenom, Subjex.
While reggae at his core, this rising Jamaican artist-nouveau manages to mesh elements of classic hip hop into his island jazz, giving beat to the off-rhythms, and a spin to the rocksteady roots of his bloom.
Fundimensionals combine elements of classical orchestration and jazz stylings, to create a musical journey that has yet to been taken by any band in any genre.
It's the first God Bless Weirdmerica of 2012!  May this year be fantastic and filled with the weirdest music we can imagine.  Also, for BTR updates make sure that you're following us on Facebook and Twitter.