BTR chats with the lead singer of We Leave At Midnight about their upcoming sophomore release.
BTR chats with multi-instrumentalist Mauricio Vazquez (Fair Coyote) about the creative process for his debut EP.
BTR chats with Lucien Fraipont of Brussels-based band Robbing Millions about their upcoming debut.
BTR chats with Lucien Fraipont of Brussels-based band Robbing Millions about their upcoming debut.
On sketchy Craigslist communion and the importance of supporting quality songwriters.
On unlikely communion and boundary-pushing pop.
On the current state of pop music and revisiting the golden age of the ‘80s.
On raising a son while rocking the bass and the benefits of taking your time.
A group comprised of seven Berklee College students who are fusing traditional surf-rock elements with dreamy pop hooks that make it impossible not to dance.
The kind of rock and roll dolphins would make... if they could!
Even in mathematics, there are exceptions to every rule. Lilith, a power trio based out of Boston, Massachusetts, manages to embrace the zany perfectionism of the genre while simultaneously eschewing some of its esotericism.
On fusing together the worlds of math-rock and pop
Drawing from some of the heavy, darker elements of the local scene and fusing them with pop sensibilities, the band has created an album that’s catchy as hell while still revelatory.
Bent Knee is intent on twisting influences and genres into something that, ultimately, ceases to resemble the original shapes that formed it. They devise cataclysmic song structures with the wit and veracity of a malfunctioning robot intent on destroying its master.
On controlled explosions and Japanese karaoke
The Fayetteville, Arkansas group of rag-tag musicians create songs that walk the fine line between suggestive complexity and a simplicity that makes everything not only palatable but rip-roaring fun.
Moving on after the loss of a band-mate and escaping stereotypes of the South
A healthy dose of P-Funk style bass whallops and groove with elements of R&B, synth-fed glam, psychedelic squabbles, and sounds that seem like the ghost of Freddie Mercury is twisting its way through the madness? Toss it in, hit blend, and you've got Danny James.
On what’s hip, virtuosity, and the musical family
While Mondo Drag drifts close to home for lovers of late '60s and early '70s psychedelic rock, there are plenty of nuanced surprises and enough kick-ass chemistry at work to satiate even the most skeptic contemporaries.
The resurrection of classic 70s hard rock has arrived, and it’s still fresh!
Capable of a lullaby’s croon, lamenting cries, and powerful defiance, Lila Rose has a far-reaching voice with range and conviction. She is a daring singer, songwriter, and visual artist.
On the interconnectedness of all life and freeing the nipple
The Wandering Lake bring forth a spirited offering of electric-tinged folk that has a way of summoning sentimentality and nostalgia without ever becoming weighed down by it.
On not disappointing your professor and the music of nature
Drum loops bend, twist, and crackle; swinging pendulums cast echoes and distortions off of a landscape that seems to shift before the ears have time to catch up. Let us introduce you to Gibberish out of Fayetteville, Arkansas.
On otherworldly sounds and deliberation versus spontaneity
It started on the back porch of a party and has grown into unbreakable friendship, music and more. Ditch Cat, out of Fayetteville, Arkansas, is "gettin' it done," country with an edge.
Shawn James & The Shapeshifters isn't just another rag-tag ensemble of conventional string dusters. They may build expectations by resembling their Arkansas-based, traditional-playing contemporaries, but these rogue bluegrassers have discovered a noticeably harder edge.
Rock and roar if you’re a badass bear playing the heavy metal banjo!
David Block of Human Experience is not the easiest person to get a hold of. He just wrapped up a festival in Bali. He premiered one of his sets to an eclectic audience numbering in the thousands and representing close to 50 different countries. We finally pinned him down for an interview and it was worth the wait.
Being in a band is a bit like being in an open relationship--if you don’t have complete honesty chances are it’ll fall apart. Golden Drugs out of Oakland, California has found the perfect relationship balance.
Telekinesis, beauty versus horror, and getting high on the sun
For Jason Baldock and Gemma Dietrich of the British neo-soul inspired duo Rope Store, an underground bunker surrounded by three feet of concrete makes the perfect muse for songwriting.
The benefits of writing a song in a day while underground in a Cold War bunker
Jared Garcia of Thieves and Gypsys discusses the band's start. Garcia also talks dropping out of school to follow music and expanding the sounds of a trio.
Capturing the spirit of the desert and embracing what it means to be an outlaw.
Budding songwriter Megan Burns is Flamingo Pink! When she's not directing a theater production of 'Mary Poppins' at the Santa Fe Performing Arts Center, she's also co-directing the artist collective known as 'Meow Wolf' and running her own clothing alteration company Tiger Deer.
Weaving electronic lullabies and finding love in the heart of nature
Nacha Mendez' boasts a long line of musical accomplishments and rich diversity of collaborations that she has made possible over the years. She’s created garage rock with her family, played in a salsa band, studied flamenco guitar under the tutelage of Manuel Granados, and traveled with Robert Ashley’s avant-garde Opera Company.
A chance discovery that would lead two songwriters from different parts of the world together
Christopher Norman is a singer/songwriter and electronic music producer. Utilizing ethereal samples, soulful melodies, and a smattering of Minimoog synthesizer sounds, Norman sculpts music that is meant to be sifted through layer by layer.
A man in love with his Minimoog and chopping up cellos
David Berkeley sits down with BTR about living on the island of Corsica and merging the worlds of literature and music. His newest record, 'Cardboard Boat', is slated for release in late September.
Living on the island of Corsica and merging the worlds of literature and music
Christy Hays is getting lost in the world and bringing back the stories of others. She might have started writing songs at the age of 14, but it wasn’t until she turned 27 that Hays decided she wanted to be a professional songwriter. In the time between, she fell in love with nature. After attending college for forestry Hays moved directly to Alaska where she could lose herself in the wilderness.
Getting lost in the world and bringing back the stories of others
There’s a fresh slate of new highway signs to greet visitors as they wind along country roads into the state of Montana: pictures of lonesome mountains glazed with ice, tremulous elk with gazes fixed upon the horizon, and tumbleweeds rolling back and forth across the plains.
Hello and welcome to Discovery Corner on BTR! This week we'll be checking out Magpies--a band based out of Missoula, Montana that's equal parts garage fuzz meltdowns and bittersweet harmonies and hooks.
(Explicit content is present in this article.) The band on why they say the name isn’t harmful and opening our third eyes to the beyond.
There are many waves, but only a single ocean.
A talk with Roger Sellers about being a one-man band and creating cosmic layers
How sickness led to the sinister, sincere, and silly sides of a budding Austin rock band.
On working with the Flaming Lips and Bon Iver, samples on samples, and shoe gazing from the future.
On working with The Flaming Lips and Bon Iver, samples on samples, and shoegazing from the future
On opening for Sonic Youth, deconstructing, and hustling to make music.
Taking it to the streets of Detroit to talk with Turn to Crime's Derek Stanton about experimenting and making the music in your head
On folk noir, Spaghetti Westerns, and learning the harmonica.
The smoky tumble and roll of the Whiskey Folk Ramblers create their own genre, 'folk-noir'
Playing the cello like a drum, first love, and finding your home on the road.
An exploration of folksy Irish roots through the heartbreaking beauty of cellist Alana Henderson
Toting the line between Zen and zoot and realizing the band is family.
How to balance Zen and partying, becoming professional, and playing some kickass rock and roll
On companies fueling artists, layering perspectives, and taking the time to do it all right.
On companies fueling artists, layering perspectives, and taking the time to do it all right
On marrying your singer, ditching the drums, and finding your spirit animal.
Playing with heroes, discovering music across continents, and stirring the jazz “soup.”
A talk with jazz bassist Francesco Marcocci about exploring world influences and jamming with giants
Roots reggae meets bluegrass meets Eastern philosophy and the importance of family.
What do you get when you combine bluegrass, reggae, and a whole lot of soul? Grayak!
On making a song good enough to play by yourself and reading young-adult British sci-fi novels.
Featuring Wil Farr--lead guitarist and vocalist from Hurrah! A Bolt of Light! Treading the line between 'A Wrinkle in Time' and Bruce Springsteen.
Sidestepping the Hollywood legacy of his family to blaze a songwriting trail of his own.
This week I feature Jesse Macht, the singer songwriter from LA whose brother is the star on the series 'Suits'