Dish + Drink takes a look at some of the best restaurants explored in 2014.
Avoid the holiday grub with this wintry pasta dish.
Tomatoes and a balsamic glaze cap off this delicious healthy dish.
This low fat, but hearty fish dish is packed with citrus juices and shallots.
This curry dish is so spicy it'll clear out your sinuses.
This easy recipe is likely to please any dinner guests you may have this winter.
Spaghetti squash, mushrooms, and turkey meatballs come together in this light fall dinner.
Serve up these protein-packed burgers all winter long.
Come to Serenade for the top-notch food; stay for the spectacular experience.
These meatballs will certainly get you into the holiday spirit.
Come to Fin for the incredible food. Stay for the rustic ambience and spectacular service.
Celebrate Halloween with a particularly autumn-inspired risotto.
This healthy stir fry is packed with greens and protein.
Grilled chicken and vegetable pasta come together in this quick dish.
This Thai spot is one of Summit, New Jersey's best kept secrets.
Combine ground turkey, carrots, celery, and onions for these juicy homemade burgers.
This light chili recipe is far more suited for fall than its wintry counterpart.
Morningside Heights plays host to this warm and welcoming little bistro.
Fresh vegetables and soba noodles come together in this spicy shrimp dish.
Make healthier burritos at home to satisfy your cravings.
Homegrown peppers and tomatoes come together in this early fall dish.
Cooking Week – Researchers spell out the stress many mothers face to provide family dinner.
Avocado adds a creamy texture to this simple pesto recipe.
Citrus juices, roasted shallots, and rosemary come together in this fall-inspired dish.
Avoid the humidity (and hurricanes) with this quinoa and shrimp dish.
Make homemade chili lime butter using fresh hot peppers.
This versatile pasta recipe can be used for dinner or a side dish.
Yellowfin tuna on the grill and summer vegetable fried rice make for the perfect August dinner.
Use your leftover unused chicken in this hot bbq recipe.
Fresh garden vegetables heighten this shrimp dish.
Rosemary, pepper, and lemongrass season this healthy alternative to store-bought chips.
This popular New Jersey restaurant is re-imagining dinner one dish at a time.
Grilled figs are an unexpected match for citrusy grilled chicken breasts.
This light meal requires little preparation and is perfect for summer evenings.
La Pergola in Millburn, NJ does Northern Italian food right.
Come for the inexpensive and authentic food, stay for the al fresco dining.
Slow cooking is the secret to juicy chicken on the BBQ.
Use leftover grilled salmon to make salmon burgers.
Cafe Amici serves up favorites from classic Italian to classic American and everything in between.
Make yakitori at home with sake and fresh ginger.
Caramelized onions, zucchini, and yellow squash come together in this light and healthy recipe.
Replace the garden variety barbecue side dishes with this easy pasta dish in white wine sauce.
In Manhattan's Flatiron District, Aleo is a frontrunner in service and Italian food.
This dry rub is just what you need for Sunday's barbecue.
Fresh vegetables and chicken come together in a lemon white wine sauce.
Rosa Mexicano's New Jersey location serves a mean chile mango margarita.
Spicy mayo and Asian slaw combine forces atop these Asian-style chicken sausage sandwiches.
Come to Ferraro's for the authentic Italian food, stay for the authentic Italian experience.
Shrimp scampi is a must in any cook's repertoire.
Go to Raymond's for the diner feel, stay for the eclectically wonderful all-day menus.
No need to go to Ikea for some Swedish meatballs anymore.
These shrimp tacos are simple and quick enough to make for any summer night.
Pasta for dinner doesn't have to be heavy if you include fresh vegetables and chicken.
Come to 100 Steps for the raw oysters; stay for the culinary genius displayed in the dishes.
Grill this chicken for dinner and then use the leftovers for a sandwich.
Go to Van Gogh's Ear Cafe for the specialty coffee and good food, stay for the mellow ambience.
Easy dinner for one doesn't have to be boring.
This NYC chain dominates the Thai food scene.
Spend less time in the kitchen and more time outside with this spring grilling recipe.
Serve up crab meat and vegetable farfalle in homemade vodka sauce.
The Hilton Hartford restaurant is right for any time of day.
Red Knot paves the way for public golf courses to up their restaurant game.
Indulgent doesn't have to mean unhealthy when it comes to dinner recipes.
This healthy shrimp dish takes under 20 minutes to prepare.
Chicken and swiss chard are featured in this sesame seed and soba noodle stir fry.
Salmon lovers will be converted after trying this steelhead trout dish.
In NYC, Cafe Orlin's menu offers a wide variety of European and Mediterranean style dishes from 9am to 12:30am.
A trip to Connecticut is required for this trendy restaurant, but it's well worth the drive.
Learn to make curry at home with healthier ingredients.
Serve up this one-pot chili recipe all week during the cold front.
Scallops in romesco sauce is a classic seafood dish that won't disappoint.
Cooking with mango salsa makes for a simple and filling chicken dinner.
This pink sauce is made with fresh ingredients and only takes a few minutes to make.
This stir fry is loaded with fresh vegetables and flavor.
Chicken sausage and butternut squash means this dish is comfort food with flair.
For your next burger and beer, try Stout NYC located in the heart of Manhattan.
These healthier enchiladas will keep you slim and fueled for Fitness Week.
This French food spot costs a pretty penny, but the splurge is more than worth it.
Dane lists Dish + Drink's top 5 dishes of 2013.