Happy November! Can you believe it's *already* here?? In the spirit of things-that-arrive-ahead-of-their-time, I have an awesomely forward-thinking guest for you on today's show. (Seriously, this lady will be *huge* fashion news soon, so tune in and get a stylish leg up on all your friends!) Kelsy Parkhouse launched her line Carleen right after graduating from Pratt, and with good reason: her unique sensibilities had earned her rave reviews from both Pratt profs and outside industry professionals. Armed with an ability to blend seemingly disparate styles into a cohesive aesthetic, Kelsy took the plunge and debuted Carleen with a S/S 2013 collection, based on her thesis work at Pratt. While the label is still young, Kelsy's subsequent collections have generated even more genuine fashionista buzz, and on today's show, you'll hear Kelsy talk about the strong female fashion role models in her family, what it was like to launch a label right out of school, how Patti Smith inspired her S/S 2014 collection, and where she likes to shop for vintage goods in NYC. All that, plus a spooky playlist full of fun tracks from artists like Mr. Gnome, Lightning Dust, Vampire Weekend, and the latest Arcade Fire! So tune in, turn it up, and get ready to be hipper-than-thou with Sew & Tell on BTR!
There's slow cookers, slow motion, slow pokes… but what about slow style? This week on Sew & Tell, we take a look at a counter-culture movement within fashion that (unlike the rest of the industry) actually encourages shoppers to buy *less*. My guest is Crystal Grover, a member of the Slow Fashion Forward partnership and half of the talented design team INDO. Crystal works as both a sustainability-focused educator and interior architect, and on today's show, she'll talk about the key principles and values that underly the concept of slow fashion, the mission of SFF, her own design work with INDO, and Chicago's growing slow craft scene. Plus, I have a slew of slow fashion resources for you on today's playlist page, along with music in the mix from Alex Bleeker & The Freaks, Sonny & The Sunsets, Phosphorescent, UK classical electronic artist Jon Hopkins, and more. So ease into your weekend with this special slow-fashion-dedicated Sew & Tell, on BTR!
New York City’s most populated borough also offers lots of socializing outlets for hobbyists of crafting endeavors.
It's Craft Week here on BTR, and craft + fashion can only mean one thing: DIY project time! I'm joined this week by Jenni Radosevich, editorial staff member at InStyle, and creative mastermind behind the popular fashion project blog I Spy DIY. From make-it-yourself crystal necklaces to the latest nail art trends, sprucing up a pair of shoes, or adding a unique look to that Ikea lamp, Jenni's tutorials have you covered. Plus, she's got a ton of great inspiration posts that keep you up-to-date on all the latest styles! On today's show, Jenni will talk about the start of I Spy DIY, how *not* learning to sew made her who she is today, a few of her favorite style icons, and her top shops for craft supplies. All that, plus a set of brand new music from artists Mikal Cronin, Wampires, and Bibio, along with a set dedicated to the stylistically diverse roster of Toronto's record label Arts & Crafts. Grab that glue gun, and get ready to bedazzle here on BTR with Sew & Tell!
Let's hear it for the boys! This week's show is a celebration of stylish details for men, courtesy of master cobbler Tamas "Zen" Pomazi of Minnesota-based Greenwich Vintage. He and business partner Max Miller have created a beautiful empire, dedicated to exquisitely restored and resoled vintage shoes, as well as limited edition collaboration garments & accessories. GV is a one-stop shop for the impeccably dressed man who appreciates great design, and on this week's show, you'll hear from Zen about how his dad's vintage shoes became his new career, the colorful Greenwich Vintage signature soles, a few of Zen's personal fashion icons, and how there comes a time when every man needs to embrace classic style and "step his grown man game up." We couldn't agree more. Plus, Dane and I dish on our own favorite footwear (as well as some guilty pleasure shoes! shhhhh…), AND tracks from this week's new Phosphorescent and Low albums! So tune in, turn up, and ring in spring with a brand new Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!