Do you ever find yourself wishing for a snack more refined than something which is going to leave "flavor dust" on your fingers? Maybe something that, on the rare occasion another human visits your house, suggests that you have used a stove before, but at the same time won't take too much effort? Enter the Prosciutto, Arugula, Brie and Apple Quesadilla! This is a one pan recipe that combines ingredients which are delicious and easy to find, but isn't so difficult to make that you'll need to work all day. Music featured in this episode: "Demons" by Summer Twins
We are living in a science-fiction world. Want proof? Your pizza might be cooked by robots.
Your kitchen is way more fun when you get superfluous appliances!
In a perfect food world, your avocados would always be ripe...
Mama Chodorkoff's Corn Chowdah is sweet, creamy and filling. A delicious treat for mid-winter comfort! Follow her steps for the perfect hearty soup.