In Part 3, Aisling and Joe discuss how self-care pushes actual mental health issues aside and the absurdity of medicalizing everyday activities.
A creepy conservative tweeted about AOC’s nice clothes and got the biggest ratio in the history of Twitter, and the different narratives around Nancy Pelosi. Photo by Corey Torpie courtesy of…
Processing the continued Kavanaugh developments.
In light of the news that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring, John Knefel highlights the biggest hurdles that Democrats face and how they should deal with those issues to stave off a potentially…
Joe discusses Betsy DeVos’ brutal “60 Minutes” interview, the Trump administration discussing death penalties for drug dealers, and the death of conservative ideology.
A new book describes the chaos inside the oval office and describes Trump as “semi-literate,” and a late catch up on the New York Times’ reporting on drunk and chatty George Papadopoulos. Michael Wolff photo by Andrew Dermont courtesy of Wikimedia Commons