Trying to survive the holidays? We got ya. Commiserate with our familial challenged storytellers as they recount a Halloween that almost became the “Halloween” movie and the fear of celebrating Thanksgivings alone and childless. Fun stuff!! Just like the holidays themselves. See you in 2019!
In Part 2, Maura Quint discusses why there aren't more conservative comedians and the objective of political satire.
Female comedians are taking female desire back and we should all applaud.
Ted Alexandro joins us to discuss his new comedy special, "Senior Class of Earth." Also, all hell broke loose on Wednesday, Trump fired Sessions, and the White House puts out lies about a journalist who challenged Trump. Ted Alexandro photo courtesy of Ted Alexandro
Joe discusses Louis C.K.'s drop-in set and why it was such a bad idea.
‘Bulls**t or Legit’ w/ Matt Ruby & Rex Sorgatz. Jacqueline Soller, Bryan Bruchman, and J. McVay on ‘Hearts Beat Loud.’ John Knefel on the enduring love of Republicans for Trump. A performance from Varsity’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
The unoriginality problem posed by FuckJerry and social media content aggregators.
 In Part II, Maura Quint discusses joke theft and the problem with large content aggregating accounts like FuckJerry and The Fat Jew.
Maura Quint joins the show to provide her take on Michelle Wolf's WHCD set and why it's troubling to see the free press prioritizing access above everything else.
Mick Mulvaney admits to accepting bribes, Colorado lawmaker proposes jailing teachers who strike, Hank Azaria responds to the criticisms of Apu in a nearly unprecedentedly thoughtful way. Hank…
‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture’ gives us a glimpse at the funniest guy you’ve never heard of.