Dr. Azra Raza discusses how the FDA has created inertia as it continues to recognize these models as the gold standard for predicting the utility of drugs.
Dr. Azra Raza discusses her decision early on to concentrate research on freshly obtained human cells and not to rely on mice or petri dishes alone.
This week on Third Eye, we’re shining a light on the paradigms that the sun is setting on as well as introduce new habits that sustain a long life.
Dr. Azra Raza speaks with us about the case of Sepsis where mice modeling proved to be a useless tactic in developing a drug for humans.
Dr. Azra Raza, the Director of the MDS Center at Columbia University in New York, NY, speaks with us about the hazard in using mouse models for drug research.
Birthday Week – Whether or not you care to check up on your astrological readings, a separate, scientific factor may influence you to pay attention to the patterns related to your birth month. It’s disease. A recent study by Columbia University scientists looked into such correlations.
The Oscar nominations are so white it hurts, a terrifying number of men say they would rape someone, and listener mail.