College Football
Unsportsmanlike Conduct: College Football and the Politics of Rape is about a different kind of football playbook. Over the last three years, this has been a hot topic as people are wondering aloud and often about the problem of sexual assault on college campuses, especially when it involves the football players on people’s favorite teams. This book explores that playbook, the one coaches, teams, universities, police, communities, the media, and fans seem to follow whenever a college football player is accused, charged, and/or convicted of sexual assault. It’s a deep dive into how different institutions — the NCAA, athletic departments, universities, the media - run the same plays over and over again when these stories break. If everyone runs their plays well, scrutiny dies down quickly, no institution ever has to change how it operates, and the evaporation of these cases into nothingness looks natural.
Alan Milstein discusses and tells the story of former Ohio State football star Maurice Clarett's antitrust lawsuit against the National Football League. Milstein was Clarett's lead attorney for the lawsuit.
We continue our conversation with Alan Milstein, who discusses overreaching NCAA sanctions and the organization's hypocrisy.