Hannah Barrett is a painter based in Brooklyn. Her work draws from a range of subject matter including old cookbooks, vintage fashion, 1960s advertising imagery, characters from classic literature, and really anything else that strikes a chord in Hannah's visual imagination. All these elements are brought together in portraits, still lives, and domestic scenes that blend the surreal with the everyday and seem to imply an entire world in each painting. To me, there's something both familiar and strange about Hannah's paintings, and it's a quality that allows the viewers imagination to run just as wild as I'm sure Hannah's does when she's painting.
This week on the show U.K.-based artist Sig Waller joins me to talk about her collage work and paintings. Through the use of found images and dark humor, Sig says her work explores the "dark corners of cultural excess" and asks the question, "How will future intelligence make sense of our times?"
Brian Belott makes collages, collects found audio, and is an all around great and talented dude. A while back he invited me to over to his studio in Brooklyn to hang out, chat, and listen to some of the audio in his collection. We talked about collages, Michael jackson, cassette tapes and lots of other good stuff. While you listen do yourself a favor and spend some time on his website.