How does the lack of language to translate highly advanced technology and sciences affect our ability to become active participants in where they will lead society’s future?
Mobile Week - Institutes and individuals embrace digitization for cultural preservation. Libraries and museums have evolved with the times, as have artists.
We’re going to be exploring some of the ways that open sourcing and openness can provide more opportunities in the sectors of community politics and science.
The video game industry has seen a recent spat of broken or unfinished games being released to huge backlash. The most commonly cited reason is the break-neck speed of the development and publishing cycle.
Nerd Week - The tech industry has had a notoriously small percentage of women in its workforce for years, and the numbers remain stagnate. Coding camp Geek Girl educates women on computer science essentials in an effort to close the tech industry’s gender gap.
When we think about the typical American “college experience,” we think of large lecture halls, huge parties, and accumulating debt. Meanwhile, the Minerva Project offers alternative options to traditional higher education.