Visit the cocktail bar Apotheke, if you want to be both sexy and serious.
Booze is awesome, bars are horrible. Now you can have expertly mixed cocktails without leaving the comfort of your own home, or lifting a finger.
You can freeze Rose wine and make a slushie! That’s amazing!
Johanna Botta gets a lesson in classic cocktails from Arya Hawkins-Zafarnia, a bartender at The Back Room. Check it out to learn how to make an Old-Fashioned! Music courtesy of Check out the history behind The Back Room on BreakThruTV. Follow The Back Room on Facebook and Twitter.
A living relic of the Prohibition era, the Back Room is a speakeasy located on the Lower East Side of New York City. It’s the real deal, with secret doorways, passwords, authentic 1920s details, and maybe even a few ghosts! BTRtv’s Johanna Botta visits the bar and gets the real story from general manager Tim Bassett. Additional images and music courtesy of Check out The Back Room on Facebook and Twitter.
People get pretty creative with cocktail concoctions, including everything from creatures to breakfast leftovers to body parts in their drinks. BTRtv’s Chelsea White has a list of the 5 weirdest ones out there!