CNN hosted a Town Hall all about LGBTQ rights, and a deep dive on Ellen.
A look back at the stories we covered this week here at
We spend the hour on the second night of the Democratic debate.
We spend the hour on the first infinite night of the Democrat Debates.
Joe discusses Elizabeth Warren's appearance on The Breakfast Club and how media members disingenuously spread "controversial" clips on Twitter.
Joe talks about centrist fear of progressive Democratic candidates following CNN's town hall.
Joe discusses the inevitable rehabilitation of outgoing DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and why her hire will serve as another test case for corporate media's obsession over access.
After a crazy week of news, we're definitely sticking to what we know best.
CNN hires Sarah Isgur, a former spokeswoman for Jeff Sessions, as a political editor, Bernie Sanders names his campaign manager, a child was arrested for refusing to pledge allegiance, and listener…
Joe discusses why mainstream journalists like CNN's Manu Raju insist on asking about tweets and think moaning about Trump's racism is good…