In Part 2, Curtis Deutsch and Justin Penn discuss the underlying factors of the “The Great Dying” which, through their research simulations, should apply today.
Curtis Deustch and Justin Penn of the University of Washington discuss their recent study exploring global warming during earth’s largest mass extinction period known as “The Great Dying.”
John Bolton hasn’t listen to Khashoggi tape. World on track for catastrophic climate change. Manafort met with Assange. And Dogs aren’t exceptional? Also, J. McVay & Charles Hinshaw on ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ & a preview of Bilge Rat’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
A Democratic win in Orange County, Facebook breaks ties with a conservative consulting group, and the ACLU reveals new elements of the torture program.
Amazon will come to New York and Cristal City, ICE is holding far more people than we initially thought, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows up to DC ready to push Democrats to the…
Jesse Myerson on climate change and the right wing response to Medicare for All, and Molly on reports that the children of deported parents are getting adopted by US citizens. photo by Vince Reinhart via Wikimedia Commons
A carbon tax and dividend system could fight climate change and income inequality at the same time.
Ryan Schleeter joins us to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of climate change news in the US and Canada. Also, Morning John explains the sovereign wealth fund.    Ryan Schleeter, via…
With our oceans increasingly cluttered by plastic waste, it seems at first blush like a sensible way to reduce waste. Unfortunately, it’s not so simple.
Scott Pruitt is out, Ocasio Cortez has proposed a Green New Deal, and listener mail. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Photo by Chillbedextous
John Cook returns to discuss publishing ‘The Consensus Handbook,’ an online booklet detailing the importance of scientific consensus on climate change and the misinformation campaign to discredit it.
We air our conversation with Todd Miller, author of “Storming the Wall” and “Border Patrol Nation,” live at McNally Jackson bookstore in New York City, recorded on Thursday March 1st, 2018. …
In Part II, John Cook discusses how misinformation has spread to areas outside of science and the importance of identifying misinformation in the era of fake news.
John Cook joins the show to discuss his recent study on deconstructing climate science misinformation through reasoning errors.