Ryan Schleeter joins us to discuss the Paris Climate Summit, sex panic over a Serena Williams magazine cover, and listener mail.
The final agreement from the Paris climate summit is historic but leaves much to be desired, details on the end of No Child Left Behind, and Cuomo’s task force walks away from Common Core.
Todd Miller joins us to discuss his time at the Paris Climate Summit, thoughts on Texas’ anti-Syrian refugee lawsuit, and listener mail on Divergent.
Peter Cole joins us to discuss how unions can combat xenophobia, Paris clamps down on climate summit protests.
Ryan Schleeter on Obama’s rejection of the Keystone Pipeline, the selective conservative defense of free speech, and listener mail.
Synergy Week – How climate change means more wine festivals. New research into what attracts millennials to wine has surprising results.
Climate change is threatening the security of Iraq, Clinton testifies before the Benghazi committee, and more listener mail on wheelhouses.
We hear from a senior climate change activist who shares stories about protesting with in Washington DC.
Hear from Bill McKibbens and Naomi Klein on the global movement in demanding climate change action from world leaders.
Ryan Schleeter joins us to talk about the intersection of the environment and social justice, checking in on the migrant crisis in Europe, and homelessness amongst NYC students is at an all time high.
Todd Miller joins us to discuss the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates’ immigration policies, as well as the sociopolitical, economic, and environmental reasons for migration. Also, it’s been a year since the war on ISIS began.
We speak to a researcher on the influence of satire news, a pharmacist on how to wean off sugary drinks and a video game designer on a new immersive virtual reality.
We hear the ideas of a re-imagined city that cares better for the soil, ecosystem and environment.
Rain Week – Beaches naturally fluctuate between periods of growth and decay, however, the US coasts are vulnerable to erosion due to climate change. Can we save America’s coasts from vanishing under these forces?
Faiza Patel joins us to discuss the recently approved NSA reform known as the Freedom Act, class trumps ability when it comes to graduation rates, and listener mail.
Mike Konczal joins us to discuss the war on higher education and the new rules for the economy, the USA Freedom Act becomes law, and listener mail.
Obama plans to limit transfer of some military weapons to local police departments, belated thoughts on the Tsarnaev death penalty sentence, and climate change is going to kill us all.
Climate Week – A circular economy may be the solution to Earth’s dwindling resources. BTR explores the ways in which systems that incorporate recycling, green business models, and zero-waste goals are beneficial.
It’s Climate Change Week here on BTR, and I’m delighted to have Catherine Young, the innovative designer, artist and scientist behind The Apocalypse Project, on today’s show. Catherine has worked for years designing interactive art pieces, increasingly focused around issues of the environment and sustainability. Two years ago, she began working on an imaginative, multi-faceted presentation called The Apocalypse Project, which offers visitors an opportunity to interact with theoretical solutions to projected problems resulting from climate change. Catherine has made scientific research tangible, immediate and personal through this project, offering glimpses into the future of such universal experiences as food, entertainment, beauty and fashion. On today’s show, Catherine will talk about the development of The Apocalypse Project, its Climate Change Couture and Ephemeral Marvels Perfume collections, how the project has changed her own approach to fashion consumption, and more. Plus, I’ve got some news about an important new initiative called Fashion Revolution Day (which is today!) and how you can participate, and as always a fantastic line-up of new music featuring Southwest band Calexico and North Carolina’s The Mountain Goats, along with songs from two very talented but under-the-radar singer-songwriters, Adam Torres and Ambrosia Parsley. All that’s coming up this hour, so grab your cutest rain boots and wade into the climate change discussion with Sew & Tell on BTR!
Many people seem to agree that the climate is changing, but disagree on what can be done about it. This week on BTR Pulse, Lisa Autz and Zach Schepis ask people on the streets of New York what they believe their role is in dealing with the issue. While many acknowledge the environmental stakes to be high, some of the reactions may be surprising.
Climate Week – One of the latest alternative fuel concepts to shake up the auto industry is the flow cell, introduced by the Liechtenstein-based company nanoFlowcell AG. BTR reached out to Dr. Stephen Granade, the current Principal Research Analyst at Dynetics Inc., to hear his insight–and skepticism–on the technology.
Australian artist Tega Brain is interested in re-imagining the systems, infrastructures, and networks that govern our technologically enhanced world. In her works she’s converted data into smells, searched for signs of climate change in images on Flickr, and constructed a hybrid eco-system that joins a coin-operated laundromat with a miniature wetland. This in addition to many other playful and throughout provoking pieces that ask questions like: how much could you get for an ancient artifact from the Metropolitan Museum if it were listed on craigslist?
The kitchen of the future is closer than you think.
This week, Mr Jason will be playing some old stuff, some new stuff, and everything in-between, whilst whittering on about what he’s been upto this past week. Oh boy! I can’t wait! Can you? How will it all turn out???
Dr. Curt Stager talks about how our “atomic selves” impact our views on pollution and the future.