Dornith Doherty has been traveling around the world photographing seed vaults. There are about 1400 or so seed vaults in the world, and their mission is serve as a kind of back-up system for the planet’s plant species. Should disease, climate change, or nuclear war wipe out our bio-diversity these seed vaults can function like Noah’s arcs, and would give us a chance to bring lost species back from the dead. In addition to photographing the vaults, Dornith has been making X-ray images of the seeds themselves, exposing the elaborate internal structures otherwise invisible to the human eye.
Scarcity Week – Put down your forks, everybody, we’re running out of food.
Alexandra Tempus joins us to discuss the increasing effects of climate change, and thoughts on the terrible mid-term elections.
Molly Crabapple joins us to discuss her trip to construction sites at Abu Dhabi, and Rivera Sun joins us to discuss her novel and the coming climate crisis.
Four infrastructure projects propose methods to finally make economic growth and environmental interests work together.
Fourteen million year old freeze-dried specimens tell us Antarctica once teemed with life.
It’s Mash-Up Week on BTR! On today’s show, “Pop Culture Pirate” Elisa Kreisinger chats about copyright law and how the struggle of being a feminist consumer of media is real, and later the man behind the “Puglet” Kickstarter tells us what it’s like to be a non-news story in the mainstream media.
Climate changes such as desertification have eroded the land of the Middle East and Africa for decades, playing a role in migration and violence.
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