This week Kimberly spoke with Massachusetts based artist Ashley Eliza Williams, whose interdisciplinary work explores new ways of interacting with nature and each other. She shows her work nationally and internationally and has attended residencies in the US, Germany, Thailand and China. She is represented by K Contemporary in Denver Colorado. All images courtesy of the artist An Internal Construction of an External Condition Oil on panel 40″ x 40″ Interior Oil on panel 20″ x 16″ Hum Oil on panel 18″ x 24″ Resonant, from Anthropocene Oil on panel 40″ x 30″ Submerge, Data for Submerge Oil on panel 30″ x 24″ Oil on paper 13″ x 19″ Biolith, Data for Biolith Oil on panel 24″ x 18″ Oil on paper 28″ x 20″
This week Kimberly spoke with artist Kate Collyer from Hyde Park, NY. They spoke about Kate's experience in the the Arctic Circle Residency, a residency that takes place on a ship that sails around Svalbard, an archipelago northeast of Greenland that is terrirory of Norway. They also spoke about Kate's investigation into climate change among a multitude of landscapes with our United States. All images courtesy of the artist  
Borinquen Gallo is an Italian-Puerto Rican Bronx-based artist whose work delves into themes of beauty, community, socio-cultural systems and structures through sculpture and installations made using a range of repurposed materials.
The impeachment trial has begun in the Senate, Bernie Sanders leads in a new Reuters poll, and Trump’s trade deal.