This year, we boldly scolded some golden oldies.
After remaking rock music with Cream, the cantankerous drummer made music and enraged everyone around him until the end.
The “Stairway to Heaven” plagiarism case is alive again, but shouldn’t be.
Davy Graham’s “Cry Me a River” sounds a lot more like “Stairway” than the one by the guy suing Led Zeppelin.
With The Cars, Ocasek breathed life into what would otherwise have been cold perfection.
The former Cheyenne frontman bridges divides in his new song and video and BTRtoday is proud to let it loose on the world.
Jam Session welcomes siblings Jocelyn and Chris Arndt, and 80s synthwave electronic duo, SynthLordz, to the BTR family
On the 45th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s magnum opus, the question arises: is it actually any good?