According to the Hollywood Reporter, movie theater attendance is down 20 percent this summer. BTR Pulse’s Sarah Fraser asks people whether or not they see movies in the theater, what they like about the experience, and whether they think there is a way to encourage higher attendance.
Kevin Smith visits the set of 'Episode VII' and cries at what he sees, but should long-disappointed 'Star Wars' fans be excited?
A conversation with the director of the largest independent film archive in the world.
This week we review the bone-crunching Israeli thriller "Big Bad Wolves"
Photo courtesy of Alexandra Martin Scotch And Cinema reviews upcoming indie films (plus the occasional blockbuster) with our own personal blend of fun and facts. Laid back with lots of laughs, here's a cheers from the light hearted lumières at the bar. Playlist 00:00 Intro 01:00 Top Entertainment News 03:10 Chit Chat 14:48 Scotch And Cinema Quote of The Day 15:14 Sharon Jones - Stranger To My Happiness 18:48 SPOILERS: Her (Part 1) 29:23 Painted Palms - Too High 32:50 SPOILERS: Her (Part 2) 47:38 The Pixies - Snakes 64:03 Scotch Rating 65:40 Her Drinking Game and Send Off 67:09 Finish Photo courtesy of Facebook. Welcome to Scotch and Cinema! This week we checked out the new Spike Jonze film her starring Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson, and Amy Adams. her Trailer Tune in to hear more about the Academy Award nominated soundtrack to the film featuring Arcade Fire. We also discuss a short documentary by director Jonze's friend, regarding love in the modern age. What does it mean to you? Arcade Fire's Soundtrack to her Stream Here Love in the Modern Age 15 Minute Documentary All of that popcorn can make you thirsty. Here's a fun drinking game to play with friends while you watch Spike Jonze's new film. We call it "Slur." (Please remember to drink responsibly... unless you don't want to of course!) Slur I. Anytime Johansson's voice is breathy - which makes no sense because she is an operating system and therefore does not have to breathe - DRINK. II. Anytime a character seems unaffected by behavior that would instantly and blatantly bother somebody from our time - DRINK III. Anytime a character is obviously bothered by behavior that someone from our time would also be bothered by - DRINK TWICE IV. At three random points throughout the film, pause it. Everyone in the room take a guess at how much longer the film has left. Whoever is the furthest away - FINISH YOUR DRINK Top Entertainment News A-List Actors at Sundance Bill Murray on Reddit SAG Awards 2014 Winners Man of Steel Delayed Again New Trailers RoboCop Trailer The Rover Trailer Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Trailer
Happy New Year! Welcome to the first Sew & Tell of 2014! Before we run full steam ahead into a new cycle of fashion trends, news, designs, and iconic moments, I thought it would be nice to take a look back at 2013. It was a year of genuinely remarkable, distinguished guests; so much so that it was very difficult for me to narrow down the content for today’s show! But in the end, I selected clips from a handful of interviews that I felt defined the breadth and diversity of Sew & Tell’s 2013 broadcasts. Today, you’ll hear brief excerpts from my interviews with: Jenn Rogien, costume designer for HBO’s “Girls” and the Netflix original “Orange Is the New Black;” Jenni Avins, fashion journalist for NY Magazine’s “The Cut,” Wall Street Journal’s style section, and her own site, Closettour; designer Eden Miller of Cabiria, who had the historic distinction of being the first ever plus size label to show during New York Fashion Week; and Sari Azout and Sari Bibliowicz, two childhood best friends with a fashion obsession, who turned their compulsive clothes sharing habits into one of this year’s hottest fashion merchandise sites. Plus, I’ve culled music tracks for today’s show from a few of my personal favorite releases of 2013 - you’ll hear songs today off this past year’s releases from Foxygen, Phosphorescent, Volcano Choir, and Chvrches. So join us as we say a fond & fashionable farewell to 2013; out with the old & in with the new on BreakThru Radio!