Stuffed Week – While you’re enjoying feasts on food and family here, consider it out there.
A Tibetan artist seeks to visualize his nation’s nomadic history through acrylic collage.
Makeshift Week – covers everything from homemade aircrafts in Nigeria to the efforts of Chinese hackers to evade their great firewall.
It’s Cyber Week on BTR! On today’s show, Charlie Smith of Great Fire talks about the work of his organization in exposing online censorship by Chinese authorities and complicit corporate media interests. And later, Cora Currier of The Intercept explains how governments are bypassing encryption techniques, largely viewed by technologists as the last line of defense for your online privacy.
Cyber Week – Places in the world where you definitely can’t update your online status.
Chinese artist and free speech activist Ai Weiwei is famous for butting heads with Chinese authorities. In 2008 he accused the government of a cover-up after hundreds of children died in poorly built schools during the Sichuan earthquake. Online he’s an energetic champion of free speech via blogs and social media.
Fine Lines Week – Are cell phone lanes a good idea?
Fine Lines Week – A man who doesn’t want to grow up has decided to sue his parents for kicking him out of the house.
Debt Week – A look at university costs around the globe.
Should pet owners be worried about their furry friend’s qi?
Four infrastructure projects propose methods to finally make economic growth and environmental interests work together.
Carsick Cars are a rock trio from Beijing. Singing mostly in English and taking a broad interpretation of noise rock, their songs are exceptionally catchy and melodic, and the Sonic Youth (who they’ve toured with) influence is definitely hard at work — pleasantly so. They’ve been at the forefront of the Chinese indie music movement for almost a decade, though lineup changes have left Zhang Shouwang as the sole founding/consistent member of the band even as the group’s popularity and work with other artists and projects has continued to grow their reputation worldwide.
It’s Anonymity Week on BTR! On today’s show, BTR’s own Zach Schepis joins us to talk more about getting a first-hand look inside the intense cryptocurrency competition, and a new “threat detector” machine being developed by US customs for the Mexican border.
Facebook made an expensive acquisition with WhatsApp, but will they be undone by the competition?
As the world becomes more digitized, hackers attempt at various avenues of political, economic, financial, and consumer sabotage.