It’s Energy Week at BTR! On today’s show, Associate Professor Yebo Li of Ohio State University tells us more about the potentials for algae as a biofuel. And later author and journalist Adam Minter talks about his new book, “Junkyard Planet”.
Adam Minter pulls from his own past to assess how China is making a killing on American junk.
The ladies are taking the stage on BTR!
Always the underdogs, experts remain skeptical of a hopeful outlook for developing countries.
It’s Craft Week on BTR! First up, more with Phillip Patterson, a 63-year-old retiree who completed a handwritten copy of the Holy Bible this week. And later, Dr. Rufus Pollock tells us why small data – not big – is the future of information.
Everything you need to know about Chinese malware attacks and the escalation of cyber weapons on the internet.
How to keep your computer safe from the latest threats from across the internet.