New Year’s Week – We culled a list of the best concerts to bring in the New Year so that you don’t have to.
Cooking Week – Brooklyn’s Taste Talks event serves up a feast of flavors and discussions.
Photo Week – Part I: A look beyond the shadows into the underground of community photo development.
GrubHub uses unique strategies to connect diners and restaurants while combating heavy competition.
The Ann Arbor, Mich.-based “Country and Eastern” band who see what’s out there and choose their own path.
Today we review the fourth mixtape from 18-year-old up-and-comer Tink. Self-released on January 10th, Winter’s Diary 2 exhibits a maturity and songwriting ability that’s rare in someone so young. It’s an intimate return to her vulnerable R&B tendencies and showcases smooth nostalgic 90s style. A versatile performer, Tink has proven she’s both comfortable and great at singing, rapping, and songwriting. She’s definitely one of the many talents coming out of Chicago to note.
Micah Uetricht joins us to discuss his new book on the Chicago teachers strike, Alex Pareene joins us to discuss Dealbook, the military plans to cut its forces to the lowest levels in a generation, and listener mail on zoos and other things.
A great debate took place on Twitter when Chicago chef Grant Achatz criticized a couple for bringing their eight month old infant to his triple-Michelin-starred restaurant. The online dialogue unveiled an array of opinions about whether or not young children should be allowed in fine dining establishments. For childless fine diners, a screaming child can upset a costly experience, but for parents, such a ban could deprive children of a valuable lesson in etiquette. BTR Pulse’s Sarah Fraser spoke with people on the streets about whether children should or should not be banned from fine dining establishments. She also spoke with former restaurateur Michael Vuick, who once banned children from his establishment, McDain’s in Monroeville, Pennsylvania