BTR went to check out “Scenario In The Shade"--an immersive installation created by artists Jonah Freeman, Justin Lowe and Jennifer Herrema.
PHOTOBLOG: This week BTR went to Paul Kasmin Gallery in Chelsea to check out the Simon Hantai exhibit, Blancs. The exhibition will run until December 5, 2015.
PHOTOBLOG: This week BTR went to see the Mike Kelley exhibition at Hauser & Wirth. This show featured an array of the late Los Angeles artist's work, namely his illuminated “City” sculptures and a sprawling installation that has never been exhibited before in the US.
PHOTOBLOG: This week, BTR went to check out a solo exhibition by London-based artist Danny Rolph, titled 'RECOLLECTION'. This series consists of many different visually striking plastic panels that have been collaged and painted on to create sharp, emotive compositions that are reminiscent of graffiti and also pop art.
PHOTOBLOG: This week, BTR went to go check out 'Energy & Abstraction,' an exhibition of drawings by Gordon Matta-Clark at the David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea, NYC. Matta-Clark was a well-known conceptual interdisciplinary artist in the '70s.
In 2005, Blossom Restaurant opened in Chelsea and provided yet another option for New York plant-eaters. Blossom doesn't just craft vegan-friendly options for people though, they create artful dishes that make vegans rejoice and meat eaters forever abandon their misconceptions about vegan food.
Fan Week - What are cult films? Why and how do they maintain a devoted audience for so many years? BTR looks into the culture of cult classics like 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' and their legacy with fans.
Champignon is a cafe located on Seventh Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Street in Manhattan. The Chelsea cafe is named after the champignon mushroom, a popular and widely-known ‘shroom, Champignon is just a quaint neighborhood spot that seems to fly comfortably under the radar.
Dish + Drink checks out one of the 11 Spice locations in New York City. Thai food is abundant in this city, but Spice is at the forefront of New Yorkers' minds with its consistent menu and good vibes.
‘Space Jam’ exhibit inspires basketball fans, nostalgic Millennials, and modern art enthusiasts.
PHOTOBLOG: BTR explores one of Manhattan's hippest indoor marketplaces.