It’s June! Or at least it was and now you want to know what happened, cause you were probably busy taking conscious-altering product!!! Well, there was a homosexual milestone, something new about George Zimmerman, and more information on a man who leaks!!! All reported by the one and only Chaz Mannenheim!!! He scours the streets and finds you news!! Here’s yesterday’s news today for you, the viewer, from him, the entertainer, Chaz Mannenheim!!! Enjoy!!!
March 2013 has come and gone, but Chaz Mannenheim has not given up! He wants the news and he's going to get it! THRILL at Grand Central, Madison Square Park, and on the NYC Subway System as Chaz gets the skinny on Pope Francis I, Marriage Equality in America, and a BOOMING Stock Market!!! News reporting has never been so entertaining!! So Enjoy CHAZ MANNENHEIM’S MONTH IN REVIEW for MARCH 2013!!!
If you’re wondering what the Top Stories of February 2013 were, well so is Chaz Mannenheim! But he’s on the case, so you don’t have to be! WATCH as Chaz talks to the people of NYC about... Olympian David Pistorius and his hot girlfriend (deceased), The Academy Awards, The Disastrous Carnival Cruise and more!! If you like comedy, intrigue, and man on the street interviews then this is the show for you!!! MONTH IN REVIEW: FEBRUARY 2013 -- ENJOY!!!