This Month Brought Memories Of Tragedy And Thoughts Of Good Cheer Indeed!!! Chaz Mannenheim, your Newsman Of Yesteryear, brings to you the meaty substance of today’s most popular news stories including the Toronto Mayor’s hilarious addiction crisis, the unending enigma that is the JFK assassination, and the always entertaining answer to the question, “What Are You Doing For Thanksgiving!!!” Thrill as Chaz Mannenheim brings you all the news you missed and all the news you love!!! MONTH IN REVIEW: NOVEMBER 2013!!!
It’s The End Of September And Chaz Mannenheim, Your Host Of Hosts, Is Finding The News Wherever He Can!! On The Street, Chaz Is Digging Up Tales Of Man/Robot Relationships; The Newest, Most Exciting News In Condoms; and of course, All The Hullabaloo About Syria!! See Chaz Mannenheim Talking To The Man On The Street! Getting The Opinions And Personalities Other News Is Just Not Having!!! It’s Here, It’s Him, It’s Time!!! CHAZ MANNENHEIM: NEWSMAN OF YESTERYEAR - MONTH IN REVIEW: SEPTEMBER 2013!!!!
Here And Gone Is August! And Here Are Some Hot Topics And Crackling Commentary From CHAZ MANNENHEIM: NEWSMAN OF YESTERYEAR! Watch Chaz Speak To The Street Urchins Of NYC About That Steroid Pumping Yankee, A-Rod!! Gender-Bending Convict Chelsea Manning! The Newest Member Of The Obama Family And More!!! Watch MONTH IN REVIEW: AUGUST 2013 Here And Now!!!
It’s July and Chaz Mannenheim is here to bring you the stories that you already know! Or maybe you don’t! Did you hear about George Zimmerman? What about the Royal Baby? Who is Carlos Danger, you ask? Chaz has the answers! And with the help of the man on the street he brings the top-notch kind of commentary! Hear the news of yesterday today and tomorrow! Watch MONTH IN REVIEW with your host CHAZ MANNENHEIM!!!
It’s June! Or at least it was and now you want to know what happened, cause you were probably busy taking conscious-altering product!!! Well, there was a homosexual milestone, something new about George Zimmerman, and more information on a man who leaks!!! All reported by the one and only Chaz Mannenheim!!! He scours the streets and finds you news!! Here’s yesterday’s news today for you, the viewer, from him, the entertainer, Chaz Mannenheim!!! Enjoy!!!
What Happened In May 2013?? Someday, People Will Want To Know!!! Chaz Mannenheim Is Bringing It To You Today!!! That’s Right, Yesterday’s News, Not Tomorrow, Not Years From Now -- TODAY!!! With the aid of the man on the street, Chaz will enlighten you about what’s going on with Angelina Jolie’s Mastectomy, The Obama Administration Scandals, and The Sudden Embrace Of Homosexual Love By The Boy Scouts Of America! Witness, with your own eyes, the pure wonder of news being delivered to you, in review, with the enigmatic Newsman Of Yesteryear, Chaz Mannenheim!
Chaz Mannenheim is once again seeking out the news and peoples’ opinions about said news. And boy, does he get what he’s looking for! Laugh and try to stop laughing as Chaz talks to people about the seemingly unfunny material associated with the Boston Marathon Bombing, California’s Attractive Attorney General, and the deaths of Margaret Thatcher and Roger Ebert!! All of it’s here with your favorite news reporter, Chaz Mannenheim! It’s Month In Review, APRIL 2013!!!!
March 2013 has come and gone, but Chaz Mannenheim has not given up! He wants the news and he's going to get it! THRILL at Grand Central, Madison Square Park, and on the NYC Subway System as Chaz gets the skinny on Pope Francis I, Marriage Equality in America, and a BOOMING Stock Market!!! News reporting has never been so entertaining!! So Enjoy CHAZ MANNENHEIM’S MONTH IN REVIEW for MARCH 2013!!!
If you’re wondering what the Top Stories of February 2013 were, well so is Chaz Mannenheim! But he’s on the case, so you don’t have to be! WATCH as Chaz talks to the people of NYC about... Olympian David Pistorius and his hot girlfriend (deceased), The Academy Awards, The Disastrous Carnival Cruise and more!! If you like comedy, intrigue, and man on the street interviews then this is the show for you!!! MONTH IN REVIEW: FEBRUARY 2013 -- ENJOY!!!
Chaz Mannenheim is looking for the Top Stories of January 2013! He takes to the streets to hear what the people have to say about... The Flu! The Oscars! The President! And The News! WATCH and LISTEN and LEARN as Chaz’s whitty and adroit conversation skills bring you through the adventurous news bulletins that comprised the month of January in the Year of our Lord, 2013!