Trump hires a Koch Brothers huckster to run voter intimidation campaign, Democrats are turning against charter schools for the first time, and listener mail.  
The gift and curse of smartphones in war zones, the annual charter school rally in New York City, and listener mail.  
The growing resistance to charter schools and the ed reform movement, and that awful article about how to talk to women with headphones on.  
John Oliver covers charter schools, ISIS uses a child suicide bomber to attack a wedding in southern Turkey, and listener mail.
The Movement for Black Lives calls for a moratorium on charter schools, 50 Republican foreign policy elites come out against Trump, and listener mail.   Photo credit: via Wikimedia
John skypes in from Istanbul, a new study finds hundreds of charters are hyper segregated and overly punitive, the Times borks a Bernie story, and listener mail.
How charter schools are the new subprime loans, the incorrect narrative that Obama lost the Iraq war, and listener mail.
Dahr Jamail joins us to discuss Navy exercises in the Pacific Northwest, a rough week for Success Academy, and listener mail.