DJRePete has your holiday music reprieve with upbeat pop from Lily & Madeleine, electro with Alex Bleeker & The Freaks, and alt by Volcano Choir with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver fame. Plus, don’t miss the latest from Radical Face, Of Montreal, and The Blow. And not to be 100% bah humbug, RePete closes out the mix with Santa funk from the Poets of Rhythm and a New Year’s rock track with Diane Coffee. All in this edition of your BTR Wednesday mix!
On today's show, I have a plethora of fall fashion goodies - a conversation with the founder of my new favorite (sustainable) fashion webshop, Modavanti, along with a host of last-minute Halloween ideas for all you procrastinating fashionistas out there! Two years ago, David Dietz left an established career in journalism and Middle Eastern politics to grow a sustainable fashion webshop. Modavanti launched just a year and a half ago, but has already made a significant name for itself as a leader in the small-but-growing market of online sustainable resources (plus, it's one of my personal favorites!) On today's show, you'll hear David talk about the path that took him from covering the Arab Spring to starting Modavanti, the philosophies and principles that guide his ethically oriented shop, and some new developments and future plans that will add to Modavanti's steadily growing base of loyal customers. Plus, a playlist that features the latest from Cass McCombs, Moonface, and Black Hearted Brothers, along with a preview track from next week's Maria Taylor release. All that and more in the hour ahead, so tune in, turn it up, and stay stylish with Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!
After a long marathon week at CMJ, DJ Wynn is ready for a relaxing set with Charles Bradley, King Khan and The Shrines, Bill Callahan, and Cass McCombs.
CAKES & ALE - Hurray! They're back! It's been a few years since we had Cakes & Ale in the studio, but they've now change their lineup, and are back, for your, and our, delectation. Thanks to Ed for driving my 8 track reel to reel machine from London to Norwich! And make sure you stay tuned right to the end, to hear Ed tell a slightly naughty joke, hehe.. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!