Mobile Week – If you’ve kept your eyes on the road lately, chances are you’ve seen a car adorned with a bumper sticker. Some drivers use one, but some use 10. Many students use stickers to support their college, while parents use them to show that their kids have good grades. Regardless, everyone with a bumper sticker has something to say.
Climate Week – One of the latest alternative fuel concepts to shake up the auto industry is the flow cell, introduced by the Liechtenstein-based company nanoFlowcell AG. BTR reached out to Dr. Stephen Granade, the current Principal Research Analyst at Dynetics Inc., to hear his insight–and skepticism–on the technology.
New Economy Week – With many eschewing traditional car ownership, car sharing models continue to proliferate.
New Year’s Week – According to unfortunate reports, ‘tis the season for grand theft auto.