Dr. Azra Raza speaks with us about the case of Sepsis where mice modeling proved to be a useless tactic in developing a drug for humans.
In the United States, approximately 10,000 women will be diagnosed yearly and 3,700 people will die from cervical cancer.
Stress Week - In case your doctor didn’t tell you (perhaps you're stressed because you don’t have a doctor), living in a state of high stress for an extended period of time is incredibly detrimental to your health. However, a little stress might be good for you.
This week’s guest will help you put your best fashion foot forward, with a little help from the stars! Kimberly Peta Dewhirst became fascinated with the Zodiac at a young age, and on her blog Star Sign Style, Kimberly focuses her lifelong love of astrology around her passion for style and beauty. Star Sign Style is an invaluable resource for the astrologically curious fashionista, offering insights into your signs, Zodiac-based style tips and inspiration, red carpet star style, beauty tips, and more. On today’s show, Kimberly talks about her passion for astrology and its nuanced study, the basic characteristics of each sign and their style tendencies, why she launched Star Sign Style and how she hopes to help readers, her current astrological travels and her fascination with Astro Mapping, and more. Plus, I’ve got a fun (belated!) birthday-themed playlist for you featuring songs of sweet celebration and new beginnings from Lia Ices, Alvvays, Find the Others, The Melodic, and Typhoon! So join us and learn how to let the stars be your stylist, with Sew & Tell on BTR!
This week we explore nutrition with health coach Linda Wilcox, plus the gut-brain connection! She also tells us what vitamins we need to be aware of and some startling truths about cancer.
Katharine Heller joins us for an impromptu Friday Funday to discuss bartending, storytelling, and New York's most notorious standardized tests. Also, rethinking “The Wire” after Baltimore's uprising, and listener mail.
Ben Ramos joins us to discuss Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera, John Oliver covers standardized testing better than most major newspapers, and listener mail.