No one is coming for Joe Rogan's voice or platform, which make his comments all the more silly.
The famed horse trainer delivered the phrase's final death blow yesterday on Fox News.
Republicans don't view voter suppression as a form of cancellation because it doesn't fit their victim narrative.
Conservative media outrage is predictable, but by invoking Satan, Lil Nas X has managed to break their brains almost entirely.
“To remove them from the market, however distasteful they may be, is censorship, pure and simple,” one says. Another opines, “The guardians of Dr. Seuss’s literary legacy made the right call.”
With Trump gone, the right has intensified in a culture war that exists mostly in their own minds.
We spend the hour on the latest round of anti-trans bigotry. Photo courtesy of  Kai Medina (Mk170101) via Wikimedia Commons