Happy New Year!!! This week I have a wonderful guest, Marta Tryshak, amazing digital media guru and creator of the blog With Love Gabrielle!
Birthday Week – Honoring a person’s day of birth with some form of shenanigans dates back to antiquity. From pulled ears to evil clowns, explore birthday traditions from around the world!
Netflix has made a few changes to its site, but how will they affect users? BTR examines the company’s plans and evaluates how this entertainment service’s model relates to that of competitors.
Rain Week – Acid rain causes long-term effects, such as the jellification of Canadian lakes. While the pH level is largely recovered in many of these bodies of water, ecological changes will persist.
Vacation Week – Should you travel with your partner? Where should you go? BTR staffers offer advice on how couples can take vacations.
Care Week – It is no secret that transgender individuals face a tremendous amount of discrimination and prejudice, sometimes even to the point of death. When using facilities like bathrooms or locker rooms, transgender individuals are often met with harassment, denied entrance, and are even assaulted.