In their own words, Toronto trio Metz plays simple rock music. Yet, their tunes are actually anything but simple -- a lot of intention goes into every pounding drum beat, booming bass sound, thrashing guitar lick, and howling vocal part. In a musical landscape that sometimes seems to put a premium on quantity, equating more musicians with a more impressive sound, it's refreshing to just see three dudes put everything into some sick, huge music. Perhaps best of all, they're smart, funny, kind people, and were a joy to have in the studio. Watch as Travis tries to join the band, talks about Aerosmith, and gets a bit of background on how the guys started playing together.
Happy Holidays! It's Winter Week on Breakthru, so this Friday's Sew & Tell is all about winter fashion. And this week's guest designs the perfect winter accessory that will keep you cozy *and* chic. Claudia Schulz is a Berlin-born, Vancouver-based designer, who started to experiment with making her own hats, after a lifetime spent collecting them. We should all be thankful that she did, because her creations are beautiful, sculptural, and elegant - at once basic go-to's and dramatic statement pieces. On today's show, Claudia will talk about her transition from social work to millinery, the materials and process she uses to create her designs, and the wide variety of sources she draws on for design inspiration - from Bauhaus architecture to Cape Town, South Africa. Plus, a playlist full of delightfully wintery tracks, featuring songs from Lia Ices, Miike Snow, Bon Iver, and Fleet Foxes, and a handy list of styling tips from Refinery 29 to keep your winter wardrobe in its finest sartorial shape. So settle in with your favorite scarf, and get ready for winter, Sew & Tell style!
The Ardsley Curling Club in Irvington, NY gives us a lesson in sliding stones across frozen bullseyes.
The Luyas make music with experimentation and a little bit of magic.
After rising from grimy dive bars to international tours, Mangan has learned a thing or two about the ways of the world.
Dusted consists of Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck) and Leon Taheny (Final Fantasy, Rituals, Bruce Peninsula). The duo plays to their strengths and longtime experience to overcome some of the usual difficulties of a two man band, producing a sound that is richly fleshed out. Their recently released album, Total Dust, is described by Brian as a sort of collage of songs that came together over time and in between touring. Dusted stopped by our studio to talk with Maia about their new album and share a few songs.
Performing as Cadence Weapon, Rollie Pemberton is known for his way with words -- even spending two years as Poet Laureate for the City of Edmonton. Pemberton’s last two albums, Breaking Kayfabe and Afterparty Babies, were nominated for Canada’s Polaris Music Prize while his latest release, Hope In Dirt City, is an attempt to capture the artist’s newest musical phase while also paying homage to earlier forms of hip hop. The album combines several genres of music fluidly for what Pemberton considers his most mature album yet.
Says Travis: “PS I Love You rocks viscerally, their songs charging ahead like big machines that run on melted down troubles and dreams. These young Canadians make rock that gives goosebumps. Watch our session and you'll agree.”
Formerly Ghost Bees, Tasseomancy talks about the change of their name and sound for their newest album Ulalume.
How Jenna Talackova, a Canadian transgendered beauty queen, is drawing attention to LGBTQ issues.
Together since 2008, they began with a mission to not only accomplish great sonic moments in their work, but to achieve their success through their own means and under their own terms.
The dream pop duo from Canada makes their debut this week with the album, The Slideshow Effect, released by Sub Pop Records.
A hockey fan from the great white north laments America's lacking attention span for one of the best tournaments in the world.
Born in Libya to Pakistani parents, Roach Killa creates intoxicating, beat-heavy music that combines elements of reggae, hip-hop, and Bhangra. Though he currently lives in Canada, he’s toured Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and his hypnotic dance-floor anthems have garnered international acclaim — his single “Yaara Dildara” once ranked #1 on the BBC Asian Network Music Chart, while another called “Bomp” topped Italian Dance Charts. He was also featured on a dancehall compilation album alongside Sean Paul and Beenie Man.