This week on Sew & Tell, we examine the lack of transparency within fashion production, and how that's changing in the wake of April's tragic factory collapse in Bangladesh. I'm joined by Kaytee Riek, Campaign Manager for an organization called Sum of Us, who generate campaigns to hold global corporations accountable for their business practices. Kaytee will talk about the fast fashion's fundamentally broken production system, the Bangladesh Safety Accord vs. the Gap/Walmart alliance, and what consumers can do to pressure brands into cleaning up their act. Plus, Dane's back to dish about last Sunday's Mad Men Season 6 mega finale, and we'll hear a bunch of great new music from Mavis Staples, The Stranglers, Lightning Dust, and more! So tune in and wisen up - we're tackling fashion transparency here on BTR!
No reenactments, no catch-phrasing, just the Veronica Mars Kickstarter.