Synergy Week - Along with exercise and good nutrition, proper sleep is one of the key components to a healthy and productive lifestyle. This fact is slowly but surely being recognized by the business world, and many companies are adopting revolutionary “sleep on the job” practices.
Pop Week - Some have speculated that the influx of investors and their immense capital against the limited number of viable tech companies has created an incredibly large bubble that’s bound to burst and leave many devastated.
Stress Week - There’s a way to calm the angry ocean of the mind that many of us may have written off or never considered: it’s called Zen meditation, and it’s becoming a big part of daily life at companies around the country.
For BTR’s Open Week, Sew & Tell goes meta! I had the great opportunity to speak with Rob Sanchez and Pavan Bahl, two-thirds of the dynamic host trio behind Fashion Is Your Business, a great new podcast focused on the intersection of fashion, business and tech. In addition to hosting the weekly show, both men are entrepreneurs in the fashion field themselves: Rob just launched his own innovative menswear label, Ralph & Remington, while Pavan is the founder of a unique community and fashion/tech incubator called Open Source Fashion. On today’s show, you’ll hear from Rob and Pavan about their own individual projects, the development of Fashion Is Your Business, how the radio format can serve as a unique platform for fashion, a few of their own favorite fashion pieces, upcoming events and developments for Open Source Fashion and Ralph & Remington, and more! And in the mix I’ve got a great playlist of indie tracks for you, featuring new work from electro-pop artists like Painted Palms, Brika, and The Mynabirds. So open yourself up to the business of fashion, with Fashion Is Your Business on BTR’s Sew & Tell!
Open Week - Honesty is a quality that most people make a conscious effort to value. Whether in a personal relationship, a professional endeavor, or when voicing political views, honesty is consistently among the traits which individuals value most in others. However, it’s oftentimes difficult or impractical to be totally honest in every situation.
Labor Week - While the wage discrepancy between men and women in the United States today has garnered a great deal of recent media attention, difference in salaries is only one component of a much larger and complex issue. Could the US see a more gender-balanced workforce in the near future?
Check out our interview with Eileen Appelbaum, Senior Economist for the Center for Economic and Policy Research, on employee turnover costs and the role minimum wage plays in benefitting both employer and employee.
Check out part 2 of our interview with Willy C. Shih, professor of management practice at Harvard Business School's technology and operations management unit.
Check out our interview with Willy C. Shih, prof. of management practice at Harvard Business School, on the changing landscape of manufacturing and the effects of wage rates.
School Week - In an age when the cost of a college degree continues to soar, many Americans seek to pursue education in non-traditional ways. Enrolling in privately owned for-profit schools has become a rather alluring option. However, the for-profit school system is under fire for swindling students and taxpayers out of billions.
Buzz Week – Buzzwords seem to be a widely acknowledged component of the business and corporate world--and there is a myriad of them. Like slang terms, buzzwords go in and out of style and can reflect the times that they are coined.
This week we sit down with start up consultant Roy Povarchik. Roy shares on the best way to find and maintain a relevant audience, how to leverage social media, the best webinars for start ups, and more!
This week we get a lesson in building successful start ups with consultant Roy Povarchik, author behind the blog of the same name!
BitchCoins: An artist’s new currency system for selling her photographs.
New Economy Week - Canada’s #1 female entrepreneur shares what it takes to become successful.
Secret Week - A new study shows that employees with better emotional perception of others get paid more.
Disruptive Week - Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited is hurting self-published authors financially and changing writing styles.