Playing the music of and speaking to Brooklyn-based dreamo band Living Room.
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Photo Week - Part II: A look beyond the shadows into the underground of community photo development.
Alyson Greenfield is a Brooklyn-based songwriter and performer. Riding the lines between piano pop, electronica, and hip-hop through her use of synthesizers, drums, organs, and beatboxers, Greenfield takes chances (such as her unique album of hip-hop covers) and, if her many festival appearances and critical praise are any indicator,they're working for her. She is also the Founder/Director of the Tinderbox Music Festival, an annual Brooklyn-based event focused on female musicians and empowering young women through the arts. We visited the backyard of her apartment building for an intimate performance, featuring beatboxing by her collaborator Shane Maux.
The Brooklyn-based solo musician and author who's finally taking music off the back burner.
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