Pop Zeus is the project of Brooklyn’s Mikey Hodges. As the story goes, it was impressed upon his young music-loving self that idols Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Todd Rundgren all played every instrument on their records. When Mikey was ready to start making his own music -- less than two years ago -- this idea stuck, and he banged out 10 power pop jams using borrowed gear. Here, he performs with his band and talks with Travis about their shared connections with Guided By Voices, among other things.
Fletcher C. Johnson is conveniently the leader of the band, Fletcher C. Johnson. Based in Brooklyn, his group blazes through the distortion-heavy garage rock genre with catchy vocals and big hooks. Currently on their first national tour and coming off SXSW adventures promoting their debut LP on Burger Records, the band is on the West Coast spreading their good vibes through the end of the month.
MMOSS isn't afraid to freak out, get loud, and let their rhythms bounce like tennis balls on steel sheets.