Jeff Abbott joins us to explain the latest protests in Guatemala and the political scandal that preceded them. Also, keeping up with Kanye, and listener mail.
Sarah Leonard joins us to discuss the debt crisis in Greece, why austerity doesn’t work but won’t die, and how Greeks are showing solidarity with one another. Also, listener mail.
Emily Schorr Lesnick joins us to discuss diversity in comedy, talking about racism as a white person, and teaching anti-racism to youth. Also, protests in Ferguson on the year anniversary of the killing of Mike Brown, and listener mail.
Josh Eidelson joins us to discuss where unions stand so far in the presidential race, Molly has an essay on sports, of all things, up at the Toast, and de Blasio starts a new effort to address homelessness in New York City.
Melissa Gira Grant joins us to discuss Amnesty’s new recommendations to support the human rights of sex workers, and the celebrity backlash against it. Also, John’s last story from Beirut about art therapy for refugee children, a teacher sues New York State over the teacher evaluation system, and the NYPD releases a video about drugs that isn’t about the drugs it says it was about.
Andrea Grimes joins us to discuss attacks on Planned Parenthood and abortion access in Texas and across the country, the NYPD asks a woman who was sexually assaulted if she was a “party girl,” and Peak Chait comes to us in a debate about office air-conditioning.
Frontline's Edward Watts joins us to discuss his new documentary Escaping ISIS, the American Federation of Teachers endorses Hillary Clinton, and a new deal for Greece looks worse than ever.
PHOEBE TROUP - I was at an all-dayer gig recently, and as is usual with these things, they often involve sitting through a lot of rubbish acts. Well, this one was no different, and so when this young girl took to the floor I didn't know what to expect, and was blown away by her voice, her songs, and her ease for being in front of an expectant crowd. I was then going to grab her and book her for a session, but she left before I had the chance. It was then a task to find out her name, search her out online, and bring her to you in digital form, here on Live @ Old School Studios. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
Faiza Patel joins us to discuss the recently approved NSA reform known as the Freedom Act, class trumps ability when it comes to graduation rates, and listener mail.
Mike Konczal joins us to discuss the war on higher education and the new rules for the economy, the USA Freedom Act becomes law, and listener mail.
Katharine Heller joins us for an impromptu Friday Funday to discuss bartending, storytelling, and New York's most notorious standardized tests. Also, rethinking “The Wire” after Baltimore's uprising, and listener mail.
Ben Ramos joins us to discuss Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera, John Oliver covers standardized testing better than most major newspapers, and listener mail.
This week's show is dedicated to my Mum, and my friend Patrick Salt Ryan. My Mum died a few weeks ago. Patrick died a few days ago. What a strange time. Look after those that you love, and be nice to everyone. With that in mind, I'm about to be very nice to you, with hit after hit of fantastic music.
This week, Mr Jason will be playing some old stuff, some new stuff, and everything in-between, whilst whittering on about what he's been upto this past week. Oh boy! I can't wait! Can you? How will it all turn out???