The Alt-Country Hour on BTR is ready for you this Sunday! Enjoy some great tunes alongside DJ Emily!
To mark Valentine’s Day, BTR Pulse’s Lauren Hawker asks people in New York about the most romantic things that have been done for them.
Lisa/Liza is the project of Portland, Maine’s Liza Victoria. This ethereal-sounding folk singer has an appropriately hazy mystique about her, offering little more in biographical detail than where she calls home. We know there’s more to the story, but it’s not important. Her gentle songs have such a fragile quality that they just barely make it out of her body, and the reward when they do is high. At this shoot, she spoke about wanting to play electric guitar, and contemplating the addition of more instruments and collaborators; in the time since then, she’s performed as a duo with a saw player and later added a drummer plus, boldly, an electric guitar. This is a fresh, evolving project, captured here at a critical point, just as changes were bubbling up and about to come to fruition, but while still performing solo with only an acoustic guitar -- train interruptions and all.
Boytoy is a new band featuring members of You Can Be A Wesley and Beast Make Bomb. Split between Boston and Brooklyn, the trio had only played together a few times before their visit to our studio, but their chemistry was immediately apparent. With a bassless, twin guitar approach, they bust out woozy pop songs with a punch. They played a few of their new songs and revealed the secret to their musical magic (Spoiler: Brazilian butt exercises).
Miracles Of Modern Science are an unconventional rock band, creating explosive pop using an ensemble of mandolin, violin, cello, upright bass, and drums. Beginning at Princeton University, early versions of the group stormed open mics and gathered members from the school's orchestras and jazz band to build the impressive force that they've now become. The guys played some new songs and sat down with Travis to talk about their unique instrumentation, how weird peanut butter and pickles are (not actually a bad combo, really), and the best band Halloween costume ever.
Based in Doylestown, PA, and featuring members of past BreakThru Radio favorites White Birds and Drink Up Buttercup, Night Panther has added members and gained notoriety for a handful of tracks in the past year, including a cover of Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks.” Assigning their own style the cheeky faux-genre descriptor “sex pop,” in this unique, stripped-down performance -- taking the band away from synths and simplifying their setup with just our studio piano -- things take a distinct turn towards piano pop.
On the eve of the 2013 Oscar nominations, BTR Pulse’s Lauren Hawker asked people which films they hoped would receive Academy Awards recognition.
Mal Blum is a 24 year old songwriter and performer from New York who spends her time writing songs, traveling the country playing songs, and writing songs about traveling the country playing songs. Her clever and playful style of songwriting has brought praise from many music blogs and publications, as well as the cult hit cable access/internet show, The Chris Gethard Show. For this special episode of BTR Hear & There, Mal is joined by her friend and tourmate, Zoe Boekbinder, for an intimate performance at Sardine, a project space in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
Denmark’s Choir of Young Believers carries a name and sound worthy of a huge orchestral-pop group on Polyphonic Spree levels, but in reality the band is the brainchild of one Jannis Noya Makrigiannis. In 2006, he left the Copenhagen music scene and moved to the Greek island of Samos, where he began developing his own solo material that eventually evolved into COYB. On a recent tour, the group dropped by our studio to share some songs and Jannis spoke to Maia about transitioning from a solo project to a full band, touring internationally, and more.
Johnny Solomon left his Minneapolis band, Friends Like These, swearing off music, escaping to Wisconsin, and battling addiction before assembling the group that would become Communist Daughter. Aptly sharing their moniker with one of Neutral Milk Hotel's most concise alt-folk songs, the band also draws comparisons to Bon Iver (not just because of the Wisconsin connection), Mountain Goats (who they covered recently), and even Neil Young. The group sat down with Maia to talk about dealing with rehab, what it means to have a song on a popular TV show, and where inspiration comes from.
The Year Has Ended!!! Chaz Mannenheim, exhausted from the ever-continuing job of #1 newsman, must put together a stunning ‘Year In Review.’ Buckling under the pressure, Chaz begrudgingly enlists his ex-wife, Vera, to help him talk to the people and go over all of the Top Stories from Politics to Pop Culture in 2012. See them Laugh! See them Fight! See them review the year on YEAR IN REVIEW!!!!!
Brooklyn duo Cultfever created a world of their own for the songs on their self-titled debut album. Drawing on elements of classic indie rock and pop, their genre-jumping style makes for a satisfying mix of dynamic story songs and unconventional soundscapes. Stopping by to chat with Maia for this episode of Live Studio, Cultfever -- performing here as a four-piece -- shares some songs and a little about the making of their moody music video for “Knewyouwell.”