Happy New Year! Today we are closing out the year with a dope mix of all the music from this year. It's a lot so sit tight and enjoy the show. Be safe everyone if you're partying like me this weekend. 2016 here we come! Turn us up!!
Boozeless doesn’t need to be boring. For everyone out there who has chosen to curb their drinking this New Year’s, BTR has rounded up a few fun tips to help you survive your sober celebration.
As we enter a new year, we ask people in New York City about any resolutions they may be considering and whether they think making resolutions actually helps people to make their desired changes.
Every New Year we create a list of resolutions, but more often than not we struggle to complete them. Is it really healthy to demand these expectations of ourselves?
Happy New Year to all. Continuing my seven year anniversary/New Year we dig one last time for a classic show. Check out Good As Gone with Nutso produced by me. Check out Getting off The ground from the homie Koncept. I'll be back new tracks in 2016. Everyone be safe and enjoy the rest of your holiday.
Whether you’re a hardcore professional or simply a casual fan, fitness expos are the preeminent events for scoring free exercise gear, learning about the newest industry trends, meeting celebrity experts, and watching the most grueling competitions.
BTR chats with Tenenbaums, a dream rock trio from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The group shares some of their new sounds they'll be experimenting with, including synths, on their upcoming release.
Wasn’t New Year's, like, yesterday? Where does the time go? While the years may not actually pass any faster, our perception drastically shifts as we age, giving us the illusion that time moves faster and faster.
BTR chats with Tenenbaums, a dream rock trio from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Today I'm going to run down some of my favorite tracks from 2015! Follow us on Happy New Year. It's been a honor to serve you with great tunes all year! Thank you for all over your support. Bigger and better in 2016! Salute. Eat, drink & be merry!
Take a break anywhere, anytime, with these tips on incorporating meditation and mindfulness into your daily routine.
Today's program features music from Orenda Fink, Joanna Newsom, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and more!
If television mirrors reality, we can conclude that the winter holidays are a time for joy, giving, and unavoidable disaster. BTR relives some of the best TV holiday catastrophes to help you avoid your own seasonal meltdown.
An Austin-based software design firm has invented “smart tattoos” that can monitor health activity and authorize purchases.
Happy Holidays! On today's special broadcast, we revisit sessions with Shana Cleveland, Matt Pond PA, Remi, and Rey Pila!
Happy Holidays to you and your family. Today I'm on the set for a special Xmas eve mix featuring some of the dopiest joints from 2015. Tag me in your holiday photos. If you're on the road today let me know. I will shout you out on my Instagram today! Follow us @BreakThruRadio on our social media handles.
It turns out that giving a present isn't just good for karma; here's how spending money on experiences and other people can lead to happiness.
Celebrating my seven year birthday here on BTR Today We go in the holiday volt for dope beats. This was recorded just about year to date. Exclusive records that you will only hear on this episode. Enjoy your holiday!
Whether motivated by holiday-induced weight gain or by alcoholic benders, even the laziest among us can fall into harmful fad diets around the new year. However, these diets aren’t an effective means of losing weight.
It’s remarkable how much you can drown out the sound of your family fighting about Bernie Sanders versus Hillary Clinton with the sound of your own chewing.
BTR catches up with Brooklyn-based improvisational artist Ben Seretan. He's traded coasts, instruments, and passions on a quest to rediscover happiness.
NYC-based El Jezel have been together for over a decade, combining elements of glimmering, wistful shoegaze and charging, melodic post-rock. The blend of male and female vocals, along with their ability to waver between various genres mid-song, keeps their music unpredictable and refreshing. For our BTR Hear & There Christmas Special, in front of a brightly decorated Brooklyn home, they brave the cold winter weather to perform (as a duo) an acoustic version of their holiday tune, “Working On Christmas.”
BTR catches up with Brooklyn based improvisational artist Ben Seretan.
Leading of today's set with crazy dub step beats from 2015 featuring Rustie. Also check one of my favorites Spaceboots Part 2. buckle up we only have a few more Sunday grooves left of the year to go. You can now stream the shows from you mobile device! Follow me on social media @djwayneski.
Cozy up with some egg nog and a blanket; Here's a selection of some of the most memorable poems about dusk that you can read until dawn.
Welcome to the Party Hour Show, tonight we got Christmas and Holiday Season playlist for your weekend. As we approach the big day, we set up the vibe with some cool Indie Remixes to get you into the holiday spirit.
We talk about the best winter time movies and review the new Michael Moore documentary 'Where To Invade Next'
On today's show, we're featuring music from Elisa Ambrogio, Half Handed Cloud, Oh Honey, and many more!
Daybreaker is the best party you’ve never heard of, and the reason you’ll never want to sleep in again.
According to some futurists, we may be on the cusp of a “post-smartphone era” in which personal computing enters the next logical stage in its evolution: wearable drones.
Back with another special edition as we kick off last year with this incredible Madlib edition. If you've been following us you should know that you can stream this show from your mobile device. If you missed this at the top of 2015 here you go! Stream and download now! Be well and be safe. Follow us on social media @BreakThurRadio.
Some psychologists say that late risers are more intelligent. Several studies corroborate such assessments, linking higher intelligence with nocturnal tendencies.
New York City’s resident Rocky Horror Shadow Cast performs in a galaxy far, far away. Midnight performances typically consist of sex jokes, flying toast, and rowdy audiences drunk on cheap booze.
BTR lists 10 of our favorite film scenes that take place in the twilight hour. (Warning: Major Spoilers!)
Happy 7th Birthday to the Hip Hop Show Show. We are almost Year to date! I'm honored to be here and grow with all all of you. Thank you BTR for the platform I'm very grateful. Hit me up on Instagram @djwayneski #thehiphopshow.
Many busy gym-goers rely on protein bars for a conveniently portable snack, but these supposedly healthy foods may actually conceal detrimental amounts of sugar.
BTR chats with Baltimore-Based indie rockers, The Milestones. They draw from a variety of influences, including ambient rock, blues, and alternative.
BTR chats with Baltimore based indie rockers, The Milestones.
DJ Drew's best of 2015 part 1 only on BTR
In the show this week the latest from Yellow Claw, Ty Dolla $ign and Major Lazer. Host J.Dayz gives you a continuous DJ mix including a few holiday inspired beats, plus the best in EDM, Trap, Hip Hop and Remixes.
We talk about the best sunset scenes in cinema history and review the new documentary The Wolfpack!
Today's show includes music from Sera Cahoone, Deer Tick, David Grubbs, and more!
How the first electric fridge emerged after the Great Depression to promote modernism through consumption.
Journalist and blogger James Renner speaks with BTR about the power of online interactive journalism to uncover cold case murders.
Happy Birthday to me! LOL Special pre birthday edition. I'm on the mix! I have all kinds of joints to play. Just having some fun today! I'm sure you will enjoy. Things are happening so just follow me to see what I'm up to for the birthday tomorrow. Don't forget follow @breakthruradio during the holidays for updates!
From funny phrases to powerful poems, Magnetic Poetry helps inspire the writer within us all. BTR chats with the creator of Magnetic Poetry.
It’s another Weird Wednesday here on BTR, because it’s time for God Bless Weirdmerica. I can’t always promise that every band will actually be from the US, or that everyone on the show is freak folk, but I CAN promise that you aren’t going to be able to hear a show like this on regular radio. Pledge allegiance to God Bless Weirdmerica, with greats songs today from Man Man, Gardens & Villa, Nat Baldwin, and more!
Back with another installment of The Hip Hop Show. Closing out the year on High with new music from QNC, Blue & Ice Hot. The beats bang right here on Tuesday. BTR is the place. Follow us on social media. Happy holidays to all and be safe. Peace.
The existence of this fitness trend still confuses gym-goers: is it simply a color statement, or something more?
BTR chats with Brooklyn based band Infinity Girl about their sophomore LP and their plans for a future release.
Welcome to another Sunday of the Electric Ride. As we count down the last days of 2015 I put together a cool out soundtrack for your holiday needs. If you celebrate the holidays make sure you play this. Soul Conversation is on of my joints I know you will agree. Make sure you hit me up on social media @djwayneski.
The adorable pictographs are no longer just an afterthought designed to spruce up our texts.
Sundays with DJ Drew and his first Sunday show in December with tunes from Ty Segall, Son Little and Mercury Rev
Check out this continuous mix of INDIE MUSIC here on the Party Hour. In the show tonight brand new music from Major Lazer, A new single and collaboration with Yellow Claw and DJ Mustard, plus a mix of Hip Hop, EDM, Remixes and more!
We share our top ten favorite films from every genre and review the new Steven Spielberg film 'Bridge of Spies.'
Warm up with today's broadcast of the Folk Wave, featuring music from Jam Jars, Conor Oberst, Damien Jurado, and more!
A new invention lets you watch tomorrow’s weather forecast play out inside of a magical glass case.
It's officially the holiday season. Today I will be featuring tracks from all of the artist that I've either played or featured during my shows. This is a combination of 3 BTR Today shows! This track list will up lift you holiday spirits for sure. The funk is on so grab your egg nog and turn this up. Thank you all for listening it means the world to me. Follow us on social media @breakthurradio
Researchers propose a new way to classify habitable alien worlds.
Setting it off on the 1st of the month with a crazy mix. All boom gap today. Some you know some you don't. After this show you will want to know who says what. The beats are dope. Make sure you are streaming on your device. Press play.
Unless you want to look like a Minotaur, you might want to listen up.
So, what’s in a type? Research reveals the failure of online dating in creating truly compatible matches.
BTR chats with the lead singer of We Leave At Midnight about their upcoming sophomore release.
BTR chats with the lead singer of We Leave At Midnight about their upcoming sophomore release.
I'm stuffed from Thanksgiving. Are you? LOL We give thanks today and everyday for you the listener. I can't thank you all enough. Time to son rout on another #ElectricRide. We have an eclectic mix of songs today. Follow us @breakthuradio for all of our updates.
We review the incredibly awful horror/comedy 'Thankskilling' just in time for the holidays. Look out for killer turkeys!
Mechanical micro-robots that imitate bees could one day pollinate crops.
Today we give thanks! I will be playing some funky electronic/house tunes today. Right on time for your Thanksgiving day get together. Tag me in your photos on Instagram let me see your plate! I'm headed straight for my aunts Collard Greens! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
BTR staffers determine whether or not intimacy can be created through staring into one another’s eyes.
Panasonic’s interactive mirror reveals novel capabilities to the near future of home appliances.
Giving thanks this week to all my people with new music. I know we are all going through it in these crazy times. I have new music from Nottz, 50 Cent, Sy Ari Da Kid featuring Bumpy Knuckles & R.A.W. Make sure you follow us on social media and stream us from your device today. Share this with your friends. Turn this UP!
This week BTR went to check out the McCarren Park Greenmarket, a farmers market that has been held every week since 1997.
BTR chats with multi-instrumentalist Mauricio Vazquez (Fair Coyote) about the creative process for his debut EP.
BTR chats with multi-instrumentalist Mauricio Vazquez (Fair Coyote) about the creative process for his debut EP.
In these crazy times all over the world let's unite over music. It's a universal thing today. My people from all over the world need healing. Let me do my musical part by dedicating this to the people. We are one. The funk is on.
This weeks Party Hour Show pays respects to the tragedies of last weekend and kicks off with music from the band Eagles of Death Metal. With the power of music we can unite and spread love.
We review the Academy Award winning masterpiece 'Ida' and talk about the best shows worth binge-watching!
Some South Koreans gorge meals via webcam for adoring fans.
The Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide is the newest trend in fitness, but does it really work?
I waited for this day all week! You are now able to stream #ontheavenue straight to your mobile device no flash player or anything else needed. With that said I'm gonna drop some funk on you with THE Dam-Funk EDITION! Featured him at the top of the year a lot of people missed this and asked for the audio. He is currently on tour trust me go check him out.
As we go up on a Tuesday we set it off with First Division's Grind State. I dropped some gems during the show. Check the playlist and bump this all the way up. Don't forget to follow us on social media. Don't forget to subscribe to my show on Tuesday when your on the go!
Are you sick of whey and soy powder yet? In a market saturated with whey and soy-based products, alternative forms of protein are rising in popularity.
BTR chats with Lucien Fraipont of Brussels-based band Robbing Millions about their upcoming debut.
The strange persistence of competitive eating contests for the sake of sadistic entertainment.
BTR chats with Lucien Fraipont of Brussels-based band Robbing Millions about their upcoming debut.
DJ Drew's Sunday Show! with tunes from Apprentice Destroyer, Joanna Newsom, Young Rival and Wet Nurse
Your host J.Dayz is in the mix again, serving up a continuos blend of independent for your weekend. We got a chill vibe of EDM, Remixes and a whole lotta Hip Hop throughout the show. Music with Yellow Claw, Grandtheft, Childish Gambino, EPMD, Yelawolf and more!
We review the super intense new Netflix original war film 'Beasts of No Nation' starring Idris Elba
00:00 The Folk Wave 00:26 I Want A Pair of Cowboy Boots - Jens Lekman 03:22 You'll Never Surf Again - Raymond Byron & The White Freighter 06:09 Go Home Again - The Music Tapes 09:19 Hear Them Loud - The Milk Carton Kids 12:18 Evergreens - Naomi 15:02 The Folk Wave 15:32 Lying to You - Keaton Henson 20:34 Haunted House - Treetop Flyers 27:20 He's Running Through My Eyes - Julia Holter 29:33 I"m From Nowhere - Neko Case 32:33 Lost Boy - Tica Douglass 35:50 Tiempo del Sol - Gipsy Kings 39:19 The Folk Wave 39:56 Efecto Especial - Franny Glass 43:17 This is A Part of Something Greater - Orenda Fink 47:46 Ambrosia - Field Report 52:19 There Will Be Spring - Bonnie Prince Billy 55:01 The Burning of the Temple, 2012 - Cass McCombs 60:52 The Folk Wave 61:10 Finish
The small city of Trikala, Greece, recently entered into the second phase of its trial with eco-friendly driverless buses. Developers hope to observe how the technology will respond to the presence of cars, cyclists, and stray animals.
Super Week: Super strength, super speed, super sight: you name it, and Mother Nature delivers. From invincibility to invisibility, BTR takes a closer look at the super freaks of the animal kingdom.
Today we are celebrating the release of Koncept & J57's The Fuel EP which drops next Friday. Playing a couple joints off the EP as well as some previous cuts from their other projects. Also check for the track that we did together with the rest of the Brown Bag Allstars crew!
Super Week - BTR staffers weigh in on their favorite crime-fighting, planet-saving superheroes. Surprisingly, Batman and Superman didn't make the list!
BTR chats with the founder of Punk Talks, a project that provides mental health services to touring musicians who struggle with anxiety or depression.
Soda Shop is a New York band whose dreamy, shimmery indie pop evokes the same 50s nostalgia as their wholesome name. With songs centered around the songwriting/producing duo of Maria Usbeck (also of Brooklyn band Selebrities) and Drew Diver (formerly of The Drums), they rarely play live but have been making a huge impression with their fantastically recorded tracks. The band stopped by Serious Business Music to share a live taste of what they're capable of, and to chat about the meaning of their songs.
Super Week: The new series “One-Punch Man” revives superhero story lines and sets the stage for a new anime genre. Read on to find out what it is and why it works!
Time to lock in once again this Tuesday on The Hip Hop Show. Check out this fresh sound from Koncept & J57. Shout to them making all kinds of crazy moves in the game. We also have Angry by Erick Sermon. These beat are on fire today! Listen!
Simple techniques to transform any travel accommodations into a gym using only what’s in your carry-on.
How does the lack of language to translate highly advanced technology and sciences affect our ability to become active participants in where they will lead society’s future?
On sketchy Craigslist communion and the importance of supporting quality songwriters.
It's Sunday everyone get up! It's the holiday season. The Mets lost and Halloween is over but have no fear the Sunday Groove is back. Featuring a hot new track by Demarkus Lewis. Let's vibe out today. I have a few announcements to make so make sure you follow us on our social media handles. Enjoy and let the funk be with you!
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR with awesome tunes from The Garden, Wand, Son Little, Here We Go Magic and The Manties
We kick off the first Party Hour of November 2015 with a whole bunch of new music! Check out the latest from Grandtheft, Lady Bee, !!! and Yellow Claw. A mix of music including EDM, Dance, Pop, Alternative and Remixes.
We review the highly-acclaimed new thriller 'The Gift' starring Joel Edgerton, Jason Bateman, and Rebecca Hall.
Today's show includes music from Jenny Gillespie, Megafaun, Joe Henry, and many more!
Google recently patented a new design for a solar-powered, communication-enabled contact lens. Google has been careful to report to the press that this does not necessarily mean that the technology will develop into a consumer product.
We hit you this week with another classic On The Avenue episode. The Jamla is The Squad edition. Beats from 9th Wonder & Khrysis. It's amazing how much love I'm getting for the episodes. Here go! Subscribe for the automatic downloads! Jump on social media and share with your friends. Turn it up. Classic.
We're letting the beats band today on the Hip Hop Show. I have music from QNC, Big Shug, Torae & more. I'm gonna throw in a few classic bangers in the mix today. What should I do for the big birthday coming? Hit me up on Twitter @djwayneski.
Here’s the run-down on the must-have marathon gear from the 2015 NYC Marathon Health and Wellness Expo.
Start the first of the month right here on BTR Today. We are featuring the funk today. Seein' You by Eli Escobar sets us off. We aldo have new tracks from Fouk and Random Soul. Make sure you follow us on all social media platforms for the latest updates. Don't for get to hashtag #electricride the community!
Welcome to a Halloween edition of the Party Hour on BreakThru Radio. Tonight your host J.Dayz is in the mix with a continuous playlist of indie music. Get into the Halloween vibe with music from DeadMau5, Ghostland Observatory, Evil Nine and many others.
This week we review the Patrick Brice horror film "Creep" just in time for Halloween!
Engineers at Texas A&M have prototyped a wearable motion-sensor device that translates American Sign Language into English.
Snow leopards remain one of the least-researched big cats on the planet, but with the aid of key technologies, researchers come closer than ever to understanding these elusive animals.
In the second installment of his experience taking Addium during a 30-day trial period, BTR staffer Zach Schepis talks about whether or not the experimental pills provided him with boosted cognition. He also reflects on the withdrawal experienced from caffeine addiction.
What is it that drives people to put themselves in frightening situations? Why do we enjoy being scared?
Back at with another BTR Today exclusive. Straight from Premo is the special DJ version of The Game's Documentary 2 cut. I have more treats lined up for today's show. Turn us up and locate your friends! Keep up with us @BreakThruRadio on social for our daily updates.
On the current state of pop music and revisiting the golden age of the ‘80s.
Start your week or end your weekend right here on BTR Today. We are in cruise control today on the Electric Ride. Today I feature on of my favorite tracks of the year Throw Them Out (System) by Lord RAJA. Today is a great listen like any other Sunday. Make sure to click the like button on Facebook for all of our updates.
In tonights show we look back at some recent indie releases including music from GrandTheft, Steve Aoki and Little Boots. The playlist is a mix of indie music, giving you the best in EDM, Trap, Dance, Pop and Remixes.
We review James Ponsoldt's new film about the tragic life of writer David Foster Wallace called "The End of the Tour," starring Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg
Today's episode includes music from Mark Fosson, Beth Orton, Katzenjammer, and many other favorites!
BTR writer Zach Schepis decides to try an experimental new brain-enhancing drug called Addium in the first part of an ongoing series. Very little research is available on the supplement; only first-hand experience will tell.
Amazing SB called in to check with the show to talk about his projects and how he go started. One of the most humble cats that I've gotten a chance to talk to doing this show. Hear what we had to say right here. Shout out to Queens, NY. GO METS!!
Setting the show off the correct way with Stormy Nights produced by Mentplus. This track is fire. I also sprinkled some Hip Hop gems in today's show. See if you can figure out which ones if not all! Hit me up @djwayneski! Follow BreakThru Radio for all of the latest news and updates. Feeling nice today behind the decks. Ready. Set. GO!
On raising a son while rocking the bass and the benefits of taking your time.
Welcome to another installment of the Electric Ride. Today is that vintage New York City sound. Feel good music on a Sunday. We lead off with Feeling by Lump. Funky track that will make you think a couple months back to hanging out during the summer. Great music to match your memories. Talk me on our social media handles @breakthruradio.
Strap in as your host, J.Dayz takes you on a ride through a continuous mix of independent music. Mixing up EDM, Trap, Pop and Remixes, the show features a NEW REMIX from Steve Aoki, Music with Nick Catchdubs, A-Trak and TroyBoi and we got music from two artist who performed out at CMJ this week, Nina Sky and Fame School.
We review Ridley Scott's new movie 'The Martian' starring Matt Damon and talk about our favorite friendship-based movies
Today we celebrate the 1 year anniversary release of the Deluxe edition album You're Dead by Flying Lotus. I put together a classic mix for my On The Avenue listeners earlier in the year. This was one of the most popular episodes. For all those that missed this here you go. With that said enjoy it and share with your friends. Thank you for you continued support of this really cool show. Follow us on social media @breakthruradio.
My favorite day of the week is Tuesday. I'm sure you know this! New usic from Blu, Torae along with some timeless music you've heard before. Follow me @djwayneski and get all your BTR Today updates by following @breakthruradio.
Perfection in the studio with lifelong friends
Welcome to another installment of the Electric Ride. Make sure you have your ticket of this week's trip into some deep grooves. Leading off today's mix with Delura & Liezl. It's the perfect mix for a perfect weather today in NYC. Make sure you say what's up on my social media handles. Enjoy the ride.
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
So much NEW Indie Music in the show tonight including the latest from Ghastly, Troyboi, Grandtheft and A-Trak. Plus info about the upcoming CMJ Music Marathon. And Host J.Dayz got a LIVE mix of EDM, Bounce, Synth Pop and Remixes.
We review the new Boston gangster film 'Black Mass' starring Johnny Depp and talk about the best tech-based movies
On today's show we have music from Deerhoof, Death Vessel, Dar Williams, and many other artists who's names begin with other letters of the alphabet!
My favorite day of the week is Tuesday! You know why? I get to touch down and play some new treats! I also touch a few classic joints on today's show. If you know me you know these tracks bump. Follow me @djwayneski and get all your BTR Today updates by following @breakthruradio.
On touring with The War on Drugs and the democracy of songwriting
Buckle up for another installment of the Electric Ride. Kicking it off October with Bamboo by Harvey Sutherland. Smooth grooves on this trip. Happy Sunday to you and yours. Follow me on Instagram @djwayneski for all the latest and greatest. Remember the show is only on BTR Today. Subscribe now!!! Peace.
The Party Hour is giving you a continuous mix for your weekend including the latest and newest tracks from the indie scene. New music from A-Trak, Major Lazer, Gent & Jawns and TroyBoi featuring Diplo and Nina Sky. Plus find out what artist may be taking a run for presidency in the near future.
We review M. Night Shyamalan's new thriller 'The Visit' and talk about ten movies that are supposed to be good but really suck
Wake up! It's the first of the month! On today's show I will be celebrating our increasing awareness on social media. Thanks to our listeners and a special thanks to the BTR team and their hard work. So Today I will be playing a mixture of new tracks from artist you should be aware of. Cheers to all of you for support.
I have this new Dopeman track I had to hit you with from Redman. I have a bag full of treats as we close out the month of September. Check Count My Wrongs by MeRCY produced by me! It premiered last week on BreakThru Radio first! Follow us @Breakthruradio for all of the latest news and programming.
One man’s musical journey from the streets of Brazil to the heart of Manhattan’s jazz community
Buckle up for another installment of the Electric Ride. Letting the funk flow today with Future Times Ourra Remix. I got what you need with this playlist today. Sit back on zone out and cruise in the HOV lane! Hit me up on our social media handles @BreakThruRadio. Let us know if you enjoyed your trip today.
End of Sept tunes hand picked by DJ Drew on his weekly Sunday Show only on BTR
We review the harrowing disaster movie 'Everest' and talk about our top ten favorite movies to watch when we're feeling stressed
Will Sprott is a musician with a memorable voice and songwriting style. There's a timeless quality to his work, be it with his previous band, The Mumlers, or with his latest, solo effort. Originally from San Jose, CA and currently based in Seattle, there's a sort of melancholy paired with sunny, West Coast vibes to Sprott's tunes. He stopped by Serious Business in DUMBO, Brooklyn on his first solo tour (with La Luz) to share some tunes and talk about the project.
Today we catch up with Lyric Jones! Glad to have her back on to talk about her latest project called Gems From The Cubicle! Tight raps and banging beats. She explains how it all went down only on BTR Today! Get at me on Instagram @djwayneski. Let's ride!
Today we're going in! I have a lot of music that I've share over the years so today is a great day to remind those who forgot and to educate the ones that don't know. I'm digging in my digital crates. Turn this up a couple of notches. Why not? Follow us @Breakthruradio for all of the latest news and programming.
The kind of rock and roll dolphins would make... if they could!
The groove returns today! New music that makes you move. Starting off with this killer track by Wolf + Lamb. You need this! Check out new music from Sebb Junior with How I feel. Ladies and Gentlemen this is what you need. Tweet me @djwayneski! Also hit me with your NFL pick this week. GO GIANTS!!
The Party Hour tonight gives you new music from Wuki and Gents & Jawns. A mix of indie music including bangers from Sleepy Tom & Diplo, Crookers and The Partysquad. We also got some dance remixes of some pop punk acts. Plus your host J.Dayz is live in the mix!
We review the terrifying new Austrian revenge horror thriller 'Goodnight Mommy' and provide a list of the best Autumn flicks
PWR BTTM is the NY-based queer punk duo of Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce. Switching off between drums and guitar, the band's latest release looks at their experiences with queerness, gender, and adulthood while living upstate. Full of fun, fuzz, catchy melodies, and extreme finger-tapping, their songs are just too good to not love. They stopped by Serious Business to rock out, share some stories of songs, and to give Maia a fabulous makeover.
Today we catch up with the homie MeRCY! His hard work and passion comes through in his music and he had a few things to share. Check out a joint we did together "Count My Wrongs" produced by me! Hit me up today I'll be commenting on Twitter today @djwayneski. Follow BTR Today and share this with all of you people. Peace.
The Black Lillies are and indie roots band from Knoxville, TN, headed up by Cruz Contreras singer/songwriter/producer. Drawing on Americana, rock, country, gospel, and more, this hard-touring Appalachia-inspired group are ready to stomp their way into your head with their tight, catchy tunes. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some songs from their new, PledgeMusic crowd-funded record.
Up this week is new music form Lyric Jones! She has a new EP out its CRAZY! Also got new LL Cool J given to me exclusively from the man who produced the record himself the Audible Doctor! Good music will always shine through the nonsense. Props to all the listeners! Follow us on Social media and tell all your people what goes down.
On fusing together the worlds of math-rock and pop
Happy Sunday to you all. I know I know summer is a wrap but I still got the groove for you to move! Playing summer of the dopest tracks over the summer. Make sure you follow us on social media. All my snap chatters I'm on DJ Wayne Ski. Tag me in your post. Today i stye return of NFL Sundays! If you're tailgating Invite me LOL .
J.Dayz is turning up the party tonight with a continuous mix of indie music for your weekend. In the show tonight new music from Sean Paul and a new remix from Little Boots. Riff Raff tries his hand at rock with the help of Travis Barker and find out which artist in the playlist has the most popular song in the world right now!
We review the new Beach Boys Brian Wilson biopic 'Love and Mercy' and share our top ten most mind opening movies!
On today's show we feature some of your new favorite tunes from Antony & the Johnsons, Shannon Stephens, Tall Tall Trees, Milk Carton Kids, and more!
Lisa Alma is a producer, vocalist, and visual artist from Copenhagen, Denmark. Her synth-heavy, downtempo pop music, often accompanied by her own striking video work, tends toward introspection and melancholy, making it perhaps better suited for soundtracks than dance floors. She stopped by while in NYC working on new music, and shared a few songs and stories with Maia at Serious Business Music in DUMBO.
NFL Kick Off tonight!! Guess who's back? Sharee Graham i where to tell us about her move to New York or is it New Jersey? We talk about what in the world is going on and our NFL picks for this week!! Follow her @s2nfl on social media and like BreakThru Today on our Facebook Fanpage!
Check the technique! You know where to find me every Tuesday with the best sounding Hip Hop on the whole damn planet! New joint by King Reign is straight fire! Jump On snapchat and send me a shout. Follow BTR on our social media handles.
On female Christian rock bands and fusing politics with art
Celebrating Labor Day Weekend on today's show! Is it also the last weekend to wear white? LOL Is that true? Check out the mix with music from Axel Boman, Vhyce& Adri Block. Follow me on social media to see where I'll be. Don't forget to follow BTR on all of our social media outlets.
Tonight we kick the first Saturday of September off with a continuous DJ mix featuring the best in indie music. In the show new tracks from Sleepy Tom, Diplo and Yellow Claw. We also got a Hip Hop remix of one of this summers biggest bangers!
Due to Wes Craven's recent passing (RIP), we decided to honor his legacy by reviewing his debut 'Last House on the Left'
We had a chance to chop it up at the top of year with recording artist Vstylez. Great artist that has a passion for the history and the craft. Here's your chance to hear straight from the man himself. He is currently working on a new project we can't wait to hear how it sounds. Detroit stand up!
It's the first of the month!! Welcome back everyone to another installment of the Hip Hop Show. Thanks to all the people that checked last week's episodes! This week we have a new joint from Maticulous, R.A.W., DJ Absolute & more. Jump On snapchat and send me a shout. Follow BTR on our social media handles
On drunken French antics and the paradox between sentiment and satire
Banging beat selection on this Sunday's mix. New music form Cazuma & Andreas, Tim Deluxe & more. What's everyone doing for the last holiday weekend of the summer Labor Day? I think I'll be at the parade in Brooklyn next week. Follow me on social media to see where I'll be. Don't forget to follow BTR on all of our social media outlets.
We close out the month of August by looking back on this summers biggest indie tracks. I also recap the Mad Decent Block Party Dallas, find out which artist held it down the most. Plus we give you a great playlist packed with the best in independent music.
Today I drop a few lines on the state of this political "race" or how it looks to me like it's the same dog and pony show. I'll give you my opinion on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and the rest of the reality show cast from the presidential race. I will also give you my review on the movie Straight Outta Compton as well as some new music for you to check out. Have any questions or comments hit me on Twitter @djwayneski.
Welcome back everyone to another installment of the Hip Hop Show. Thanks to all the people that checked last week's episodes! I see all the likes on the page which make me very happy that you all enjoy. This week we have a new joint from AWKWORD produced by the homie Audible Doctor. Hit me up this week on snapchat DJ Wayne Ski. GO!
On controlled explosions and Japanese karaoke
Great day to be a DJ with all of these dope beats coming out over the summer. New music form Cazuma & Andreas, Camelphat & more. What's your choice for your summer drink? Mine today is Mango Mimosa! Why not? Couple more weeks left of summer time fun. Follow me on social media to see where I'll be next. Enjoy. Peace.
In the show today a mix of indie music including a new one from Yellow Claw, remixes from A-Trak, The Death Set, and Steve Aoki. We talk about the latest music from Dillon Francis and give a cut from his earlier work.
We talk about if comedy and action can mix in Marvel's newest adaptation 'Ant Man' and review the top ten best school flicks!
Gearing up for my event this Saturday at Fresthetic in Brooklyn. We caught up with store runner Carlos from Classic Material. Saturday I will be spinning with the legendary DJ Doo Wop to celebrate his 95 Live Snapback release. Rocking some fresh tunes today so tell your friends. Enjoy.
Made it back to NYC so I'm back on the tables ready to catch wreck! New music from King Magnetic with DJ Premier, The Immortals Project & QNC, Make sure you tell your people I'm on today! Follow us on our social media handles @breakthruradio & @Djwayneski.
Moving on after the loss of a band-mate and escaping stereotypes of the South
Welcome to the Sunday Grooves! Summertime starting to cool down but that won't stop me from bring the heat right to your ear drums this week. New music from Julius Papp.
Excess Week - Everyone has certain things we can't get enough of. In honor of Excess Week here on BTR, some of the staffers disclose items, people, or pastimes that they love almost to the point of excess.
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR with music from Gardens & Villa, Native Harrow, Oberhofer and Hey Mother Death plus a double shot block with music from Slime, The Good Life and The Ghost Ease
In the Party Hour tonight we get into a Mad Decent Block Party playlist. A whole show packed with artist performing on this tour. New Music in show tonight from Yellow Claw, who gives us a perfect end of summer banger. We also pay tribute to the recently deceased rapper Sean Price.
We review the Argentinian black-comedy 'Wild Tales,' which was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar
Today's show includes music from Kevin Morby, Neko Case, Juana Molina, and many more!
Peace BTR Family. I'm sure you all are aware of the passing of Sean Price. I had a show lined up for today but decided to play all Sean Price today. A couple of people asked me if I would do a show but i wasn't sure if I was going to. I decided to pay my respect to a artist that have supported on BTR since my very first show in 2008. It's only right.
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR includes a double shot block featuring Wilco, Georgia and Night Beds
The Summer Party Vibe continues with music from Crookers, A-Trak, Chromeo and Major Lazer. We got some really good remixes of The Chainsmokers last two singles “Kanye” and “Let You Go” and as always a great mix of indie music for your weekend.
We give our spin on the Judd Apatow comedy 'Trainwreck' starring Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, and LeBron James
We're back with another installment On The Avenue. Celebrating my 1 year anniversary of the show and our 10th bday! First thank you all that came out for Wu-Wednesday last night in NYC! I chopped it up last week with Miss.She.ill about recording some new music! We ready to go back in the lab. Check us out as we talked about her last project right before the new year. I'll be back in NY next week with! Follows us on our social media handles!
The Tuesday turn up is where it is! Check the new joint from Ice Hot I got from Bumpy Knuckles this week. Also AG Da Coroner is back with something to say. Turn this up wherever you are at ridiculous levels! I will be at Wu Wednesdays in NYC at Fat Buddah tomorrow night. Come by. Follow us on social media! Keep up!
Laser Background, the hazy dream-pop brainchild of Philadelphia's Andy Molholt, plays around in that murky field of tape hiss and slow grooves. There's a playfulness here, falling somewhere in the fuzzy, psychedelic territory between the Beatles and Pavement, where pop melodies definitely rule, but everything sounds just a little bit… well, strange. Here, we present “Tropic Of Cancer,” from their recent session for BTR Live Studio.
The resurrection of classic 70s hard rock has arrived, and it’s still fresh!
Time to get your summer fun in! Don't hold back! As you all know this is my favorite time of the year next to the holiday season. You should be on the beach or standing in line waiting to get on the roller coaster. While you wait check out new tracks from Hudson Mohawke, Cristoph, DJ Kozer & Jimpster. Don't for get to hashtag #electricride and show me what you're up to today!
Tonight the Party Hour give you a playlist packed with several artist performing at this weekends Lollapalooza out in Chicago, IL. We got a great mix of independent music including double tracks by twenty one pilots, Kid Cudi and The Chainsmokers. A mix of EDM, Hip Hop, Pop, Alternative and Remixes throughout the playlist!
Tune in to hear a review of the super creepy Skype horror film "Unfriended" and our list of the most buzz-worthy flicks!
Celebrating our 10th birthday this year we hit the rewind button to when I had a very interesting conversation with Hasan Salaam. Listen for yourself to hear how ground this MC is. We talk about the world and music. Make sure you let your people know via your and our social media handles @BreakThruradio. You can find me @djwayneski. Enjoy
What a crazy week we had in Hip Hop last week. A much needed shake up if you ask me LOL. Doesn't stop what has been built here on Tuesdays on BTR Today. New music from First Division, Blu & Maticulous. Summer's heating up boy I tell you! Follow me on Instagram @djwayneski They let me have my original handle again. Make sure you follow all BreakThru social media formats. Enjoy the mix.
On the interconnectedness of all life and freeing the nipple
We go back to our roots this week with a review of one of our favorite comedies 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'
Celebrating the release of the homie Maticulous LP and release party this Saturday! I'm playing all joint by Maticulous today On The Avenue. I will be on the set at release party in Brooklyn, NY alongside DJ Skizz & the legendary DJ Eclipse at Frestheitic store. In NY? Come thru!!!
It's hot this summer and I have the music to match it. New tracks from Audible Doctor & A.K., Locksmith, & more. Just listen. Also I have a few things to iron out on this microphone today! Make are you keep up with BTR Today on our social media handles.
On not disappointing your professor and the music of nature
We review the Australian thriller 'Strangerland' starring Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving, and Joseph Fiennes
Today's show features from Folk Wave firsts! Music from Loch Lomond, Voice on Tape, The Sleeping Years, and many more!
Special summer edition today. All the dope track from Pete Rock's Petestrumentals collection. Celebrating the newly released Petestrumentals 2. The dope instrumentals with a couple of verses from CL Smooth, Nature, Th UN & Bumpy Knuckles. Follow us on social media and pass this along.
You know what it is every Tuesday!! Boom Bap time right here with new music from the homie Maticulous, First Division, Papoose and more! We got what you need. Plug it up and turn this show WAY up! Make sure you link with @skicode on the gram let me know what your favorite track is this week.
Back in the saddle with another Sunday filled with nothing but grooves. I'm gald to be back on the east coast to play some funky tunes for you all. We here at BreakThru had a wonderful birthday week filled with surprises. Make sure you keep up with BTR Today and myself on our social media handle and talk to us. Summertime baby!!! Let's Go!!!!
The Summer is hotter than ever and so is tonights playlist. Today in the Party Hour we got the latest from the duo Crookers, new music from Major Lazer, remixes brought to you by A-Trak and Cash Cash. Plus a mix of Indie: EDM, Hip Hop, Pop, and Remixes. Its Saturday Night, Lets Turn Up!
On today's broadcast we feature Folk Wave debuts from Stefalloo and Ferraby Lionheart, alongside favorites from Blitzen Trapper, M. Ward, O'Death, and many more!
Rey Pila is the NYC-via-Mexico City rock quartet of Diego Solorzano, Rodrigo Blanco, Andres Velasco and Miguel Hernandez. Their driving garage rock has drawn considerable international acclaim, including shows with some of the biggest names in indie rock. Here, the band talks a bit about how landing a fan in Julian Casablancas of The Strokes affected the course of their new album.
Back in the saddle with the Hip Hop Show. Made back from my road trip and I'm even more focused on bringing you the best in Hip Hop as I hear it. I mix a couple of classic joints see if you can pick them out. They sound so good sounds like new released fire. Make sure you hit me today on Twitter @djwayneski! Turn us up!
On gettin’ it done, country with an edge, and bringing it all back home.
Special 4th of July weekend mix on deck only on the Electric Ride. We have music from Detroit Swindle, Rhemi, DJ Spinna and Madjik. Make sure you let your friends know I'm for your holiday weekend! Follow us on our social media handles and connect with me @skicode. GO! RUN! HURRY! LOL Enjoy your holiday.
Welcome to a 4th of July Weekend here on BTR! Tonight the Party Hour hits you some of the best indie remixes in the scene. Lets light up the night with this party playlist!
We review Paul Feig's action-comedy film 'Spy' starring Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Jude Law, and Rose Byrne
Dear folk world, thanks for joining us this week for a very special 4th of July broadcast of the Folk Wave on BTR! Today's show focuses on regions of the United States!
Setting off 4th of July weekend with new tracks and out guest Sharee Graham from Inside Wire Sports. The NBA free agency sweepstakes have started and we will took about who will end up where. We also have breaking news regarding Sharee as her journey will bring her to NYC!
Hitting the road right quick but before I leave I'm gonna bless you with new joints from Pete Rock, First Division, Bishop Lamont & more. Boom Bap always on deck every Tuesday!!! Follow us on our social media handles it's all real!
Rock and roar if you’re a badass bear playing the heavy metal banjo!
Crazy long week gone by and another ahead as we continue to bring you the best sounds of Electronic and Dance music on a Sunday. Sunday groove with new music from Detroit Swindle, Adri Block & more. Sending positive vibes up to all my people. Happy Sunday
The Summer is heating up with some all new Independent Music. Check out the new songs in the show with music by Major Lazer, Lord Breu, Keys N Krates, A-Trak and Diplo. This weekend playlist is packed with EDM, Hip Hop and Remixes.
This week we review Pixar's new animated film 'Inside Out,' with voice-overs from Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Bill Hader, Louis Black, and more!
The Folk Wave airs every Saturday! On today's broadcast we include music from Father John Misty, Liza Kate, Tarantella, O'Death, Greg Laswell, and more!
Back On The Ave. today!!! So much to talk about in the world we will do our best to cover it. The racial divide continues to rise. What should we do? Ho should we react to South Carolina? The NBA Draft is tonight! Come on Knicks! Follow me on Instagram @skicode. Let's talk.
We go up on a Tuesday! My favorite day of week of course. New music from Large Pro, Dayne Jordan, Oh No & more. Make sure you follow us on social media for all the latest show updates. You can share with you friend and hashtag #thehiphopshow #btr. Let's go!
David Block explores music in every country with a little help from his friends
The Party Hour goes FireFly this weekend with a playlist packed with several artist performing at this summers music festival. Also another annual festival turns 21 this year, the Vans Warped Tour, the countries longest running summer music festival kicks off this weekend as well. So we have a block of pop punk inspired tracks towards the end of the show as well.
On today's broadcast of the Folk Wave, we feature music from Matt Duke, Tara Jane O'Neill, Keren Ann, Laura Marling, Fleet Foxes, and many more!
This week we feature DJ/Producer the great KERRI CHANDLER!! Timeless classic and new music will be featured today! Heading into the weekend with Wayne Ski on the tables. Follow us on our social media handle and enjoy the set.
Back 2 business today with new music form Lyric Jones, DJ FN Sy Ari Da Kid and more. Shout to all the good people that continues to support this show. I'm honored to be here. Make shire you hit me up on Twitter and tag me in your post. Keep up with BTR on Twitter and Instagram for the latest. R.I.P. to Pumpkinhead.
Telekinesis, beauty versus horror, and getting high on the sun
Festival season is rolling onward and going on this weekend is the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. Tonight the Party Hour gives you a mix of music including a few artist from this years line up and also revisiting some of the acts that performed at last years festival. Music in the playlist includes tracks by Childish Gambino, twenty one pilots and Flying Lotus.
We review 'Tangerine'--the first film ever to be shot only using iPhones! We also interview Moondog Labs, who made it all possible
Tune in every Saturday for an all new broadcast of the Folk Wave. On today's show, we feature new music from My Brightest Diamond, alongside some favorites from Old Canes, Swell Season, Memphis, Julian Lynch, and many more.
Today On The Avenue we welcome back our sports reporter Sharee Graham from Inside Wire Sports. Will the Cavs rule over Golden State in the NBA finals? What's up with the 49ers? We will talk about it today and play some funky tunes for ya! Make sure you follow the BTR family! Let's go!
Back at it on the Hip Hop Show. We touch all the corners this week. Tell your friends this is where it's at Tuesdays! Setting it off with new Jakk Frost & DJ Premier track called Dope Boy Talk. Don't forget we are on all your social media platforms! Rock out!
The benefits of writing a song in a day while underground in a Cold War bunker
Continuing our 10th year birthday celebration I went back to the archives. Here's the first installment of the Electric Ride show form March 2009! The tracks on here are incredible. Make sure you follow us on our social media handles and share with your peeps.
Is 'Mad Max - Fury Road' a feminist conspiracy or a kickass action movie? Tune in for our review!
On today's show we feature music from Shannon Stephens, Guts Club, Man Man, and much more!
Today is a special 10th year of BTR Today show as we dig into the very first On The Avenue Show. I went in the Wayne Ski Vault and found the first show with special guest artist Lyric Jones! We started this journey May 8th 2014 and we're steady rocking today! Enjoy the show and remember to follow BTR on social media.
Highly Suspect is a Brooklyn-based heavy blues/garage rock band. The trio draws on classic blues rock sounds and subject matter, pushing their riffs through solid grooves and perfectly overdriven amps to hit just the right blend of catchy and heavy. Here, they perform “Lost,” a song they played during their recent session for BTR Live Studio, which will be featured on their new album, Mister Asylum, out this July from 300 Entertainment.
As we celebrate our 10th year of BTR I've decided to dig in the archives. I found the first episode of the Hip Hop Show! Young Ski on the tables. Check out the artist I've played here FIRST! Make sure you follow us online.
On dropping out of school to follow music and expanding the sounds of a trio
Tune in each Saturday for an all new broadcast of the Folk Wave on BTR. Today's show features music from Mia Riddle, Joel Jerome, Kevin Morby and many more!
Today's broadcast features an in studio performance and interview with Pearl and the Beard, here to discuss the latest evolution of their sound!
Capturing the spirit of the desert and embracing what it means to be an outlaw
Happy Birthday Lil Ski! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! We celebrate today!! Good Tunes today!!
J.Dayz is back with an new mix show packed with independent music. Take a journey as he mixes it up with EDM, Hip Hop, Twerk, Dance-Pop and Remixes. A block of music with Chromeo and continuous mix for your weekend.
We review the Tribeca Premiere of 'The Adderall Diaries' starring James Franco, Amber Heard, Ed Harris, and Christian Slater!
On today's special Memorial Day Weekend broadcast, we feature another brand new song from Guts Club, along with old favorites from Bonnie Prince Billy, Angus & Julia Stone, and Allison Weiss!
Brooklyn rockers A Deer A Horse join us live in studio!
On with Sharee Graham of Inside Wire Sports. A lot of surprises in sports!!!
Back on track this Tuesday!! Check the list and share with your peeps!
Weaving electronic lullabies and finding love in the heart of nature
It's Sunday, you know what it is! Official!
With schools coming to a wrap in the next couple weeks we gear up for the Summer with some hot music from the indie scene. A mix of Hip Hop, EDM, Pop & Remixes throughout the show. Music with Duck Sauce, Kid Cudi, Kid Sister and The Cool Kids.
We review the harrowing suicide tale 'Bridgend' and interview 'Game of Thrones' actress Hannah Murray and director Jeppe Ronde!
00:00 The Folk Wave 00:20 All of My Life - Kevin Morby 03:47 Jigsaw Heart - Elliot Brood 06:49 Can't Admit It - Lily & Madeleine 10:30 Marigolden #2 - Field Report 14:50 The Folk Wave 15:17 We Will Rebuild With Smooth Stones 20:20 You Can Be Loved - Orenda Fink 23:48 Slowly - Megan Bonnell 26:48 Tunnel Vision - Maria Taylor 30:40 Faded in the Afternoon - Unknown Mortal Orchestra 34:02 The Folk Wave 34:40 MIdwater - Aisha Burns 38:39 Wat'ry Moon - The Rusty Guns 43:38 Calling Cards - Neko Case 46:12 The Folk Wave 46:31 Where's the Knife - Granchildren 50:08 Swannanoa - Mount Moriah 54:03 Call Me the Breeze - Beth Orton 57:45 Jean - Aaron Freeman 60:35 Finish Unknown Mortal Orchestra 6/16 Boot & Saddle - Philadelphia, PA 6/19 Warsaw - Brooklyn, NY Aaron Freeman 5/28 Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY 5/31 Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY Kevin Morby 5/22 Grande Halle de la Villette - Paris, France 5/28 Sterelux - Nantes, France
Today our guest is Kyah Baby!!!!!!!
A chance discovery that would lead two songwriters from different parts of the world together
Happy Mother's Day!!!! Everyone enjoy the smooth today!
Giving you a dance vibe tonight we got a playlist packed with bangers from Steve Aoki, Bob Sinclar and La Riots. The Partysquad sets the tone to get you hyped and at the end of the show we got a new one from Major Lazer.
We review the Michael Fassbender western 'Slow West' and feature an exclusive Tribeca red carpet interview with the director!
Today's Folk Wave features an interview with Guts Club's Lindsey Baker, along with two tracks from her new album "The Arm Wrestling Tournament"
Starting off the The Month of may With the fight of the century recap and the NFL Draft winners and losers. You know how we do with my sports reporter Sharee Graham! Check it out
Bonsai is a Brooklyn-based band made up of singer-songwriter Simone Stevens, Greg McMullen on guitar, and Bryan Bisordi on drums and bass (like, at the same time even!). Though their orchestration can be a bit minimal, to amazing effect, the band weaves a lush world of sounds for each song and manages to fill them with refreshingly surprising shifts. Pop songs at their core, there are hints of country and rock (you could even call some of them “slowcore” -- sure, why not?) scattered throughout. For this episode of BTR Side Tracks, we present “Messed Up,” recorded during Bonsai’s recent session for BTR Live Studio at Let 'Em In Music in Gowanus, Brooklyn.
You know what it this is! New music every Tuesday! Official!
A man in love with his Minimoog and chopping up cellos
It's Sunday, you know what it is! Official!
We review the new Jennifer Aniston movie 'Cake' and feature an exclusive interview with Arianna Huffington
Today's show includes music from Adam Green, Julia Nunes, First Aid Kit, and many more!
Today I will speak on what's happening with the young people, police brutality and what I think can help.
You know what it this is! New music every Tuesday! Official!
Living on the island of Corsica and merging the worlds of literature and music
It's Sunday, you know what it is! Official!
Welcome to the Party Hour Show on BTR! Giving you a mix of INDIE BANGERS, Host J.Dayz serves up a continuous mix of music for your weekend!
For our first Tribeca Film Festival flick we review the road-trip drama 'Shut Up and Drive' and interview the director and cast!
Today's show includes music from Kendl Winter, Icarus Himself, Joe Henry and more!
We are back with Inside Wire Sports Sharee Graham!! NBA Playoffs time! Who's going to the chip? Will Tim Tebow finally land a starting QB job?
Genevieve's music has taken her from fronting the Chicago-based rock band Company Of Thieves to Los Angeles and a new solo endeavor. With the help of some of the world's best producers, she's been hard at work crafting bright, epic pop songs that showcase her stunning voice and refreshingly expressive personality. With a lethal combination of raw talent, a clear musical vision, and flawless songcraft, she's off to a very strong start. In this episode of BTR Side Tracks, she performs “The Enemy,” one of the more intimate moments of the session.
You know what it this is! New music every Tuesday! Official!
Getting lost in the world and bringing back the stories of others
It's Sunday, you know what it is! Official!
Can’t Get Enough Coachella? Tonights playlist features many of this years Coachella Performers including bangers by Keys N Krates, DJ Snake and RAC. Along with remixes by Flosstradamus, Duke Dumont and Alvin Risk.
We review Lars Von Trier's apocalyptic masterpiece 'Melancholia' and interview cinematographer Manuel Alberto Claro
Today's show includes music from Peter Broderick, J Mascis, O Death and many more!
Orenda Fink performs live from the backyard of BTR house during SXSW 2015!
I'm on the tables today!!! Underground Classics!!! Hip Hop !!! #canudigit
Hello and welcome to Discovery Corner on BTR! This week we'll be checking out Magpies--a band based out of Missoula, Montana that's equal parts garage fuzz meltdowns and bittersweet harmonies and hooks.
It's Sunday, you know what it is! Official!
Host J.Dayz is back on the turntables giving you a continuous mix of indie bangers! New music in the show with Boaz Van De Beatz , Major Lazer, Four Color Zack & DJ Scene. Plus mix of EDM, Hip Hop, Pop, Remixes & More!
Happy weekend! Today's show includes music from Gogol Bordello, Kaiser Cartel, Little Teeth, and many more!
Warp Records Edition. Lock in!
You know what it this is! New music every Tuesday! Official!
An interview with Dustin Hill from the band Black Pussy, about psychedelics and unearthing songs
You know what it is, every Sunday! Official!
Happy spring! This show features music from Treetop Flyers, Will Butler, Shannon Stephens, and many more!
Summer Heart performs live from the BTR House in Austin, TX. Recorded during SXSW 2015!
Back with Sharee Graham from Inside Wire Sports! NBA playoffs right around the corner! NFL Draft coming up!!
Tune as we talk to the makers of a Zombie Apocalypse class & Ben Nelson, founder of the Minerva Project.
You know what it this is! New music every Tuesday! Official!
We review the first Iranian vampire flick 'A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night' and talk feminism, film noir, and spaghetti westerns
Today's broadcast includes music from Will Butler, Jessica Pratt, Adam Faucett, and many more!
Leave the Planet performs live in our studios on their first trip to the United States!
You know what it this is! New music every Tuesday! Official!
How sickness led to the sinister, sincere, and silly sides of a budding Austin rock band
You know what it is, every Sunday! Official!
Let the Party Begin! Tonight we go Dance-Rock and Pop Remixes in celebration of SXSW going on in Austin Texas this week. We also got the latest from Hot Chip, plus music by The Gossip, CSS and Phoenix.
We review the terrifying new film 'It Follows' and talk about some of the endings in film we were least prepared for
On today's show we feature music from Damien Jurado, Jam Jars, Field Report, First Aid Kit and many more!
Check out the Flying Lotus edition right here!!!
Dub'n it with DJ Drew on BTR
You know what it this is! New music every Tuesday! Official!
On March 15, 2014, BTR threw a free, unofficial day party during the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas. Held at The Liberty -- a great East Side watering hole with a huge outdoor area, including a bar and the East Side King food truck -- we hosted a fun-filled day with music from Clouder, The So So Glos, Gringo Star, Diane Coffee, Milagres, Zorch, and Marijuana Deathsquads. Our friends at Southern Tier Brewing Company provided complimentary beers for our guests.
On working with The Flaming Lips and Bon Iver, samples on samples, and shoegazing from the future
You know what it is, every Sunday! Official!
Join host J.Dayz as he throws down a party for your Saturday Night. A continuous mix of indie music including EDM, Hip Hop, Pop and Remixes. New music in the show from Boaz Van De Beatz & Riff Raff, plus the new joint from Major Lazer & DJ Snake.
We review the oh-so controversial 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and talk about our favorite adventure flicks
We talk NFL free agency with Inside Wire Sports Sharee Graham. A lot going on and the draft is right around the corner!
DJ Drew's Reggae Hour on BTR
You know what it this is! New music every Tuesday! Official!
Taking it to the streets of Detroit to talk with Turn to Crime's Derek Stanton about experimenting and making the music in your head
It's Sunday... Electric Ride!
Welcome to The Party Hour on BreakThru Radio! Host J.Dayz is in the mix with another continuous hour of Indie Bangers! Music with Chromeo, Elliphant and The Party Squad.
We review the controversial new Power/Rangers internet short film by Joseph Kahn and talk online media sharing
Today's show features music from Alexi Murdoch, Edmund Cake, Lucinda Blackbear!
It’s coming up on SXSW time, and BTR has an incredible show coming your way! It’s on Friday March 20th from Noon-7PM at The Liberty, right on 6th Street in Austin. Our lineup is, as they say, sick nasty good. Listen to the show today to get a taste of the treat you’re in for! And as always, don’t forget to check out BTR on social media- give us a like on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and SoundCloud.
Welcome to the Murs edition!
The smoky tumble and roll of the Whiskey Folk Ramblers create their own genre, 'folk-noir'
It's Sunday... Electric Ride!
We talk DIY hacks for filmmakers on a budget and review the Academy-Award winning doc 'CitizenFour'
Today's broadcast of the Folk Wave includes music from Jolie Holland, Emby Alexander, Travis Bretzer, and many more!
Today we chop it up with VSTYLES!
You need to turn this all the way up. Wake up your neighbors!!! Enjoy!
An exploration of folksy Irish roots through the heartbreaking beauty of cellist Alana Henderson
THIS IS ONE BANGER OF A PLAYLIST! New music in the show from Tiga, Diplo, Hot Chip and Low Pros. We talk the line up for one of the biggest festivals on the east coast and blast a great mix of indie music thru your speakers!
Today's broadcast includes music from Brian Lopex, Social Studies, Fleet Foxes, Neko Case, and many more!
Kickin' it with the homie Otis Clapp today!
BTR Side Tracks is our recently launched series where we present previously unseen performances of full songs from artists who recently visited us for a studio session. This episode features Eliot Bronson, an Atlanta-based Americana artist, who recently stopped by for BTR Live Studio. Here he performs "River Runs Dry," off his recent self-titled release from Saturn 5 Records.
On today's show we feature an exclusive in studio performance from Maquina Supervium!
You know what it this is! New music every Tuesday! Official!
How to balance Zen and partying, becoming professional, and playing some kickass rock and roll
Check it out, it's electric!
A Special Valentines Day playlist for all lovers tonight! Music with Childish Gambino, Amanda Blank, CSS, Chester French and Paramore. Light some candles, put on a snuggie and lets get a little weird. Happy Valentines Day!
Happy Valentine's Day from the Folk Wave! Today we're listening to hits from Jam Jars, RJNjr, Elisa Amrbogio and many more.
J Dilla 2015 Edition! Just listen! Salute to the greats!
Normally, at studio sessions, we’re only able to shoot enough footage to properly showcase one full song in our videos. However, from time to time, we’re able to shoot enough footage of an artist’s session that we can present a second song in full. So, welcome to this new video series we’re calling BTR Side Tracks, where we’ll now be presenting those songs. Our first video is “Kites,” a song by Philadelphia-based indie-pop band Literature, and comes from their recent session for BTR Live Studio. It appears on the band’s latest LP, Chorus, released by Slumberland Records.
You know what it this is! New music every Tuesday! Official!
Time to move... It's the Electric Ride!
Today's show includes music from Andre Williams & The Sadies, Wisely, Man Man, and many more!
You know what it this is! New music every Tuesday! Official!
Time to move... It's the Electric Ride!
Happy weekend everyone! Today's Folk Wave highlights some favorites from the BTR catalog including Bonnie Prince Billy, Milk Carton Kids, Rural Alberta Advantage, and many more!
Memphis rockers Nots join us for an electrifying in studio performance.
This is one of my favorites! Dam-Funk!!!! THE Dam-Funk EDITION!! TURN THIS UP!
The Blind Shake performs live in our studios in Brooklyn, NY!
You know what it this is! New music every Tuesday! Official!
Electric Ride on BTR!
Invisible Familiars join us for an in studio performance and interview. Check out their album release on January 30th!
This week we talk NFL with Inside Sports Wire's own Sharee Graham!!! Who's you pick for the Super Bowl Trophy?
Eliot Bronson joins us for an exclusive live in studio performance and interview.
New music right here!!! Salute to all the folks that tunes in!!! Let's go!!
Time to move... It's the Electric Ride!
Today's episode of the Folk Wave features several artists brand new to our show - Jessica Pratt, Jozef Van Wissem, and Dam Gila.
On The Ave goes In the Den with DJ Latola! We talk PoliTRICKS and the art of being a DJ.
Today's top stories: Mobilization of Russian troops, Declining Russian economy, and more.
Back in the driver's seat!
Today's top stories: Egypt overturns Mubarak, economic slowdown of Britain, and Pope in Sri Lanka.
My oh my, it's the Electric Ride!
Let the Party begin! We got an interview with rapper JUDA plus two tracks off his album “Finding My Way”. Also in the playlist EDM with Yellow Claw, Major Lazer and Borgore. Mixing it up for your weekend, this is Break Thru Radio!
Once again, Happy New Year! We celebrate with favorites from JBM, Treetop Flyers, Eleanor Friedberger, Balmorhea and more!
Today's top stories feature the killings of two Paris terrorists, transgenders banned from driving in Russia and more.
Today's top stories follow the search for terrorists in Paris, violent Bangladesh protests, measles outbreak in Disney theme park.
BTR's DJ Linus Wyrsch chats about the Jazz Hole and how to break into the NYC scene.
Madlib Edition!!!!!!! FIRE!!!!!!
It's fitness week here on BTR! Listen in as we discuss advancing sports technology with Mark McClusky and work-out music with DJ Meredith!
Today's top stories feature the terrorist attack in France, AirAsia jet tail found, and US upgrading tactical missiles.
You've just tuned in to The Daily Beat! The Daily Beat is a daily news podcast! Tune in Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. hosted by Lisa Autz as she culls web bringing the top international and national news of the day. Not to mention, we'll also feature some of BTR's top tracks. Don't miss a beat! 00:00 The Daily Beat Intro 00:33 The Daily Beat pt. 1 04:25 PROMO 05:05 The Daily Beat pt. 2 08:26 PROMO 09:10 The Daily Beat pt. 3 10:15 Didn't it rain - Cross the Road 15:20 Finish It's your daily news roundup courtesy of BTR! Today on the beat: GOP takes charge as new congress convenes, gay couples marry in Florida, and postponed SpaceX launch. GOP takes charge as new congress convenes Gay marriage ban ends as couples wed throughout Florida Islamic State 'police' official beheaded: Syria monitor Thai PM urges action on human trafficking as U.S. deadline looms Rocket problem postpones SpaceX launch to space station
Happy New Year!!!!
Today we look at Indonesia's attempt to crack down on aviation sector, Lebanon's changing refugee policies, and the jury selection for the Boston Bombing trail.
You've just tuned in to The Daily Beat! The Daily Beat is a daily news podcast inspired by the power of social media to spark social change. Tune in Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. as BTR's social media director, DJ Jen, culls the "Twitterverse" and "blogosphere" to bring you the top stories regarding social justice and human rights issues. Not to mention, we'll also feature some of BTR's top tracks. Don't miss a beat! 00:00 The Daily Beat Intro 00:45 The Daily Beat pt. 1 04:17 PROMO 04:32 The Daily Beat pt. 2 06:40 PROMO 06:55 The Daily Beat pt. 3 11:04 Rokkurro - The Backbone 15:31 Finish It's your daily news roundup courtesy of BTR! Today on the beat: The Daily Beat's Year in Review featuring your new host Lisa Autz.
On today's broadcast we're ringing in the new year with live studio sessions from Paper Castles, Picastro, Future of What, Sally Seltmann, and Gardens & Villa!
Happy New Year !!! 2014 Recap with Guest Vicky Green & Kingz & Pharaohz
As we enter a new year, we ask people in New York City about any resolutions they may be considering and whether they think making resolutions actually helps people to make their desired changes.