It's Labor Day. Bask. Listen to music.
It's Branding and Advertising Week on BTR, and Third Eye Weekly has two very special guests to give you some insight into the corporate world.
BreakThru Radio — together with Velvet Blue Music, From Adi, PlayMySong, and Wiretap Music — threw its own happenin’ party down in Austin during SXSW 2012. The event, called South By East By West Spring Bash, took place at The Liberty and featured a strong and varied lineup with artists like Tim Fite, Starlight Girls, Kay Leotard, Gold Beach, and Mwahaha. Our very own DJ Latola and DJ Lottie recap the show!
Jason Sáenz is a New York comedian who can be seen regularly doing stand-up around the city in addition to his work as a performer and writer of sketch comedy. He’s appeared in a number of short films and runs a website called Free Comedy! with his compatriot, Nick Turner, where the duo present their work. Here, Jason discusses a wide range of topics, from frustrations with his texting service to growing up with a stoner dad and getting divorced after marrying young.
George Flanagan is a Queens-based comic who performs all over the city. He is the founder and host of the Spit Take Friday comedy showcase that takes place monthly at Fort Useless in Bushwick, Brooklyn, where it began in March of 2010. Also a musician, he often finds the humor in music-related subjects. Here, amongst other topics, he pokes fun at the idea of the perfect lovemaking song, drawing parallels between loud punk rock and quick, noisy sex.