Says Travis: "As a major-league Bruce Springsteen freak, I'm a man prone to wild fits of Brucing-out, an involuntary physiological occurrence involving air-guitar, grimaces of ecstasy, rushes of blood to the head and heart; often some degree of fist-pumping is involved, and sometimes there are tears, yes, true tears. When a new Springsteen album and tour rolls around as it has recently withWrecking Ball, Bruce-outs tend to increase. In this delicate time, I felt as if I needed the council and comfort of some fellow Bruceophiles so I called my pals Tris McCall (music writer for the NJ Star Ledger), Mary Phillips-Sandy (Editorial Producer, COMEDY CENTRAL's Indecision) and Joe Willie, Esq. (Writer/vocalist for the Unsacred Hearts). We held an inside-Baseball-style panel discussion where we could tackle some burning Boss-questions in an extended format. What do we really think of Wrecking Ball? Why do we love and trust this man so much? What are the contours of his relationship to his massive audience and how do these directly affect the new music he writes, the decisions he makes? BossTalk!!!