We all love watching zombies from afar, in books, movies, and television, but we definitely wouldn’t like them if they were eating our brains. BTRtoday takes a look at the reality of the undead taking over and how we could survive the outbreak.
WWOOF connects nomadic volunteers with organic farmers for an exchange of cultural and educational experiences for manual labor in hopes of growing sustainable global communities.
Traveling offers learning experiences that simply would not be possible while sitting behind a desk all day.
BTRtoday speaks with Dave Stieber, a teacher and spoken word poetry coach in Chicago, about why poetry is something worth holding onto.
Travel may seem like an extravagance that the Millennial simply can’t afford. But with these cost-cutting tips in your everyday life, you can save some major cash, which might go a lot farther somewhere else in the world.
BTRtoday gets a first-hand account from Sarah Josey, who lives in a tiny home trailer for half of the year in the Alaskan wilderness with her husband Kael and their dog Sulley.
Wherever mankind goes, we tend to always leave a mess behind. Unfortunately, even space is no exception.
BTRtoday chats with herpetologist Brady Barr, from National Geographic’s “Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr,” about his trip to the terrifying Snake Island.
This week we chat with BTRtoday’s own contributing writer Brittany Tedesco about her upcoming trip to Egypt and her study abroad year in Australia!
Mass bleaching as a result of climate change remains the most serious threat to the Great Barrier Reef. What does this mean for the reef and how can we fix it?
A look into the origins of strange body gestures from around the world and its necessity in the development of any language.
The Greeks added it to wine, the Chinese believed it was dragon’s drool, and the Dutch ate it with their morning eggs. How did whale poop–or ambergris–become a treasured global commodity?

An exhilarating combination of elegance and technique, aerial troupes exploit their strength both mentally and physically to achieve new heights. Popularized by Cirque de Soleil, BTRtoday takes a look at awe-inspiring and versatile circus art forms.
Experts weigh in on how exposure to beauty standards in other cultures through travel can help redeem people of their own false negative body perceptions.
BTRtoday examines the media portrayal of the Ebola outbreak versus the reality of it from people who were in highly affected areas at the time.
Back by popular demand, BTR sits down with the Young Naturists of America to chat about social nudity, body image, and naked resorts.
Essential oils have been praised for thousands of years for their various healing properties. BTRtoday takes a closer look at their many versatile uses.
It sounds like a joke, but selfies are becoming an increasingly serious cause of death. BTRtoday takes a look into the motives behind the dangerous social media habit.