The indie-pop gems of Los Angeles group Saint Motel shimmer brightly and sweetly, with a radio-ready polished sound. Recalling the inviting keyboards of Keane, the whimsical tone of The Morning Benders, and the pitch-perfect harmonies of Local Natives, “Puzzle Pieces” is a rollicking anthem that swells up and sweeps smoothly through in all the right places. Although known for presenting themed concerts, like “Zombie Prom,” Saint Motel have also played alongside acts like Girl Talk, Ariel Pink and Best Coast, and seem poised to own the big stage.
Atlanta foursome Carnivores play the kind of lo-fi, brooding rock native to the corners of a gritty, abandoned garage. Though hints of softer melodies peek through occasionally on “Prom Night,” the song is mostly blanketed in a prickly, thrilling layer of ominousness -- especially when Caitlin Lang’s vocals twist and soar like a haunted soul or mad scientist. The song captivates with its dissonance and drama.