This week on the show my guests are graphic designers Spencer Drate and Judith Salavetz. Their book is called 500 45s: A Graphic History of the 7″ Record. The book is an anthology of over 500 examples of album sleeve design spanning the years 1950-2000. The book covers 7″ designs from a wide range of artists including: Elvis, The Zombies, Nirvana, U-Men, The Beach Boys, Barbara Streisand, T-Rex and many more. Spencer and Judith are award winning designers who have designed album art for the Ramones, Talking Heads Joan Jet the Beach Boys and many others. I spoke with Spencer and Judith over the phone about their book and their prolific design careers.
The History of the Future in 100 Objects. You’ve probably seen a lot of these “History of …. in 100 Objects” books. they’ve become somewhat of a trend lately.  However, Adrian’s is different. His book is essentially a kind of sci-fi thought experiment.
Binge Week – The best kind of aftershock that a binge can leave behind.
In her new book Do Not Sell At Any Price: The Wild Obsessive Hunt for the World’ s Rarest 78rpm Records music writer Amanda Petrusich immerses herself in the culture of 78 collectors, and explores the histories of mythic blues artists that these collectors champion.
Hero Week – How we continue to keep the legacy of banned books alive.
Independent bookstores keep afloat amidst the age of e-reading.