The visionary virtual festival from AFROPUNK is a must-watch for both music & humanitarian education.
This year dive headfirst into that hard convo w/ your closed-minded family members & use these tunes to fuel your fire.
"I don’t have a lot of fear of addressing whatever the hell I want," frontwoman Audrey Campbell says.
Themes of civil rights, education, & ending hatred are the main features of this music video.
Music from Sonny Knight, Sharon Jones, Mavis Staples, and Son Little. Names you wouldn’t normally see on Jam Session. But Artists that can hang with the best of them (if not already be leading the march).
She’s not running, but America wants a pour from that cup of ambition of hers.
It would’ve been one of the group’s original members' birthday today and we want to celebrate.
We get local and we get hardcore with NYC punk rockers Red Arkade this week!
Social media is how most of us get our news these days—so this community of activists is here to keep you in the loop.
The Canadian punk rockers evolve with the times with new music & using their voice for justice.
The message behind 'Black Is King’ is more relevant than ever, yet some are approaching it with hate and anger.
This week we chat w/ Danny Denial about his music, newest album, & living in the Autonomous Zone.
The Black & queer musician uses his art for justice, but is taking it to a whole new level.
Even bands w/ overtly political songs have fans confused on their hardcore stances.
The genre’s fans have been coming through for BLM, but the industry has its own racist history.
The hard work these two indie hip-hop artists put into their music is intertwined with their efforts for justice.
Also unofficially known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Emancipation Day, & Cel-Liberation Day, it's time to make Juneteenth an official holiday across the U.S.
Listen to this playlist to hear some of the best contemporary Black musicians from the LGBTQ+ community.
Pride Month has been an emotional roller coaster this year and the ride isn’t even close to over yet.
It’s difficult not to feel hopeless and overwhelmed during a revolution, but progress is happening.
PLUS, I read the snips from the about section of Black Lives Matter so everyone is clear on the movement.
Your favorite local bands are fighting the good fight & you can help them.
Please support Black artists/musicians and help make their voices heard. (Helpful links included!)
Please support Black artists/musicians and help make their voices heard. (Helpful links included!)
Those participating in the U.S. protests, stay strong out there—but most importantly, be smart.