This week’s guest will help you put your best fashion foot forward, with a little help from the stars! Kimberly Peta Dewhirst became fascinated with the Zodiac at a young age, and on her blog Star Sign Style, Kimberly focuses her lifelong love of astrology around her passion for style and beauty. Star Sign Style is an invaluable resource for the astrologically curious fashionista, offering insights into your signs, Zodiac-based style tips and inspiration, red carpet star style, beauty tips, and more. On today’s show, Kimberly talks about her passion for astrology and its nuanced study, the basic characteristics of each sign and their style tendencies, why she launched Star Sign Style and how she hopes to help readers, her current astrological travels and her fascination with Astro Mapping, and more. Plus, I’ve got a fun (belated!) birthday-themed playlist for you featuring songs of sweet celebration and new beginnings from Lia Ices, Alvvays, Find the Others, The Melodic, and Typhoon! So join us and learn how to let the stars be your stylist, with Sew & Tell on BTR!
Part two of our interview with the host of Shanghai Mermaids in NYC leads to a discussion on the reflective enjoyment of celebrating an era of the past.
We speak with a woman who has managed to host extravagant, underground parties throughout NYC.
A person’s birthday can be a time to all-out party or a time for more low-key festivities, but regardless of how it’s celebrated, everyone has a birthday and everyone has their preferred way to mark it… or not. BTR’s Lisa Autz ask people in NYC's Madison Square Park how they prefer to enjoy their own birthdays, and what some of their most memorable celebrations have been.
We speak with an 81 year-old yoga instructor who has been flexing her limbs for years to retain youth.
Birthday Week - Honoring a person’s day of birth with some form of shenanigans dates back to antiquity. From pulled ears to evil clowns, explore birthday traditions from around the world!
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We speak with Isabel Allende, a Chilean writer who has given speeches about living more passionate lives as people age.
This Monday's Mix has nostalgic inklings from Travis Bretzer, live recordings from Phosphorescent, digital soundscapes from Dan Deacon, and a 7 minute banger from The Dodos.