This week’s set is so great. ALL-NEW music from bands like Joy Again, Girl President, Cat Smell… and from hometapers like Super Hit, Crushing Love, Wished Bone… AND everything else in between!
True-to-form episode this week, and I couldn’t be more excited! Top rock tracks from Brusing, Lavender Flu, Katana Girl in the front! Bedroom pop from Yesses, Old Magic Pallas, Orang in the back… and so much more!
Wow! I can’t believe it. One full set of heavy punk and punk-based rock! Followed by one full set of idiosyncratic pop and pop-based rock music! It’s a lot of fun. Great new tunes from Beating Chain, Odd Hope, Terry, and so many more!
This week we’re going back to the classic format– one set of bedroom “rock” and one set of bedroom “pop,” and everything in between! It’s a real laugh-a-minute thrill ride featuring new hit records from Dicktations, Worst Boys, Ray Daisies, and so much more!
This week we look back at some indiepop favorites from bygone eras. Look forward to timeless hits from The No-No’s, Elf Power, Mirah, The Lucksmiths, and of course lots of Rose Melberg tunes. This is why we’re the #1 program on BTR you’ll NEVER hear about on our Facebook page!
Hey, hey, hey, this week on Overnight Sensation we are moving back to more current affairs, playing mostly ALL-NEW songs from ALL-NEW records! And it’s all hits, too, so get ready to ROCK! We’ve got hard-rockin tunes from Hurry Up and ISS, soft-rockin tunes from Hair Perfect and Shindigs, and SO MUCH MORE besides! It’s almost too good.
This week on Overnight Sensation, we’re doing a LESS TALK, MORE ROCK POWER BLOCK HOUR OF ROCK! It’s an unbelievable parade of hits that you’re just not even going to believe… My God, where to start? We’ve got HITS from bands like ULTRASUAVE, GREAT PLAINS, The AUTOCOLLANTS, and so many more! Plus, a great new tune from the almighty PROTOMARTYR! Just listen to it already, you idiot!!
Lots of love for this week’s ROCK SHOW! Weirdo rockers from Mike Krol, Fresh & Onlys, Fenster, Slime, and soooooo many more!
This set is back-to-back-to-back-and-so-forth of heavy hits of OUTSIDER / JUNK ROCK. I’m so excited. We’ve got all-timers from DARCY CLAY, ROYAL TRUX, BEN WALLERS, and more! Throw some newer tracks from HURRY UP, SUBURBAN HOMES, and AYE NAKO, and… well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out for yourself!
Joanna Newsom has a new album coming out soon, so I have been listening to her old records a lot lately! I start off with a track from her, then make a bee-line for 2005 to bring back hits of the first freak folk era, including Dirty Projectors and Akron/Family. From there, we go to more contemporary “freak pop” hits from CE Schneider Topical, Gem Jones, Miserable Chillers, and more!
This week, the Music Digest crew takes the opportunity to discuss recently released tracks from Alex G, Nozinja, Chelsea Wolfe, Nicholas Nicholas, Christian Fitness, and $3.33!
This week’s show is a real “grab bag!” As in, if you dug into a bag full of Overnight Sensation music, you’d come back with a set a little like this. GREAT tunes from Kero Kero Bonito, Waxahatchee, and more! Plus cool older songs from Dentists, Sex Clark Five, The Scene Is Now… It’s just some good stuff.
Hey, welcome to yet another great episode of BTR’s Overnight Sensation! It’s so great. We’ve got BRAND NEW hits from favorites such as Monogamy, Miserable Chillers, Honey Radar, and Protomartyr… and so many more! And remember, if you like it, be sure to check out ALL of the old episodes too. They’re good, I swear!
This week’s episode is stuffed to the gills with TAPE FREAK music. Home-recorded sounds from the USA, New Zealand, and beyond! We’ve got hits, new and old, from bands / solos like Mr. Bones (Portland), Honey Radar (Indiana), Laser Background (Philly), and so many more! It’s a lot of fun, and you might just learn something.
Keeping it low and slow this week. But it’s not a downer set, just a nice, relaxed vibe all the way thru. So get ready to chill out! Lo-fi “singer-songwriter” hits from Ahsraya Gupta, Dogs Only Gorgon Head, Boyhood, and so many more…
YES. This is a great episode indeed. First set is full of high energy punk and rock and roll and more. Second set is on the poppier side of that, but still keeps things ROCKin’! You might think this was the rock show from all these cool rock tunes we got from killer bands like Sheer Mag, The Coneheads, Giorgio Murderer, and Dogs Only…That is, if you’re a total moron. LOL. This is the kind of set you’ll only find on Overnight Sensation!